The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon



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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10 / 10

Cuban Stones

The Stones are in Cuba. It's 2016 and Obama has reopened relationship with the country. If this is nothing more than an ordinary Stones concert, I'd give it a six. I love the music but I've never loved the band. The boys are on their AARP tour for so long that it's become a cliche. One has to applaud the old timers even after they tell you to appreciate Mick wiggling his old butt around. I don't think they need to say it out loud. The difference here is the crowd. There is a little bit more juice as they celebrate something deeper. It's not the look of the usual carefree careless fans. It was reported to be the biggest crowd for a rock concert on the island after its reopening. These are regular folks who are enjoying something which used to be forbidden. I do wish the boys could walk the streets and have crowd scenes to intersperse between the songs. They need real interactions with their fans. It's missing the ground level man on the street. The music is classic. The boys are strutting. The crowd is having fun. The occasion is historic. It's a fine concert film with something more behind the scenes.

Reviewed by dieruff-04414 / 10

Stones Rolling in Cuba

A terrifically coordinated and perfect Rolling Stones concert.

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