The Rounders


Comedy / Western

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Glenn Ford as Frank Warren
Henry Fonda as Lt. Col. Owen Thursday
Peter Fonda as Self
Warren Oates as Bennie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 9 / 10 / 10

"Whatever Suits You, Just Tickles Me Plum To Death."

So said the agreeable Henry Fonda to just about every suggestion Glenn Ford or other cast members made to him. This the first of a series of very agreeable entertaining comic westerns that Burt Kennedy directed and/or wrote starring some of Hollywood's great but aging male stars. I think for the first and only time both Ford and Fonda play a pair of losers. They seem to forever be in financial bondage to their off-and-on employer Chill Wills. Wills just out-slickers Ford and Fonda just goes along with that line that must have been repeated about 8 times in The Rounders. But their biggest problem comes from a white-faced roan horse that Wills has talked the gullible Ford into taking. The horse named "Old Fooler" has a streak of cunning malevolence that provides most of the laughs in this comedy. If there was a special award given to animals for performances Old Fooler should have won it in 1965. In fact that horse created his own acting genre, the animal anti-hero. Burt Kennedy gave us a lot of good laughs starting in the mid60s with his films and this is one of the funniest.

Reviewed by thedon1940 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent movie

Fans of Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda should enjoy this movie if for no other reason than to watch those two play off of each other. Two modern day cowboys Ben and Howdy (Ford and Fonda) hire out to break a wild horse for rancher Jim Ed Lowe(Chill Wills). They have worked for Jim Ed before and have little respect for him however as usual they need the money. What happens next is pure fun (for the viewing audience) with Sue Ann Langdon and Hope Holiday providing the love interest in the film. What that horse does to those two cowboys makes the movie well worth watching. The film is loaded with acting talent including Kathleen Freeman,Denver Pyle, and Edgar Buchanan all fine supporting characters and veterans of westerns. The actual stunt riding is handled by veteran Pro rodeo rider Casey Tibbs I believe though he may be directing other riders at times. I rate it excellent.

Reviewed by gwenearnold-1 8 / 10 / 10

A realistic sense of the aging cowboy and a playful horse in a beautiful setting.

My husband and I saw this film when it was first released and all I remembered these many years later was that we had liked it, so I taped it when TCM reran it and loved it! The fellow from England who complained that it seems more like the 1880s just didn't know that in S. Texas, where we're from, and I guess AZ where the film was set, cowboying was still much the same. All of this, including the small town parade rang really true. I absolutely fell in love with the horse all over again; he should have had top billing. I wonder where there might be a bio of him...anybody know? And for the one who regrets they didn't show baby animals being killed...I thank them for that. I see movies for entertainment!

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