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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alisonc-1 8 / 10 / 10

Beautiful, But Tragic

Cho Dol-Seok (Han Seok-kyo) has been the royal tailor for three Kings, including the current King (Yoo Yeon-seok) and Queen (Park Shin- hye). He's maintained his position by keeping to traditional, dignified clothing styles, ones that emphasize position and gravitas. The royal court is not without intrigue, however, and soon the Queen has a rival, young Concubine Soo-Yi (Lee Yoo-bi). The Queen meets a young tailor, Lee Gong-jin (Ko Soo), who unlike Cho is a true artist in terms of his creations, and it's not long before the divided loyalties in the court are made manifest through which tailor makes one's clothes.... This is an absolutely beautiful-looking film, as befits a movie where the clothes are paramount in telling the story. It's also very well-acted, particularly by the two actors playing the tailors, who depict their deep friendship while at the same time having completely different temperaments and spirits. There's some humour in the piece, but it's generally quite somber and tragic - as is frequently fitting for a period drama like this one. Gorgeous to look at, but it might just break your heart.

Reviewed by pyattimac 6 / 10 / 10

A feast for the eyes

This was a lovely film! Don't be put off by the slow start-- it will draw you in, and it evolves from a visual feast to a sweet and sad story. The garments are just breathtaking-- I had trouble reading the subtitles because I kept looking up to see the costumes! This movie also shares some commonalities with many other films made outside the United States-- the slower pace, and greater reliance on the power of the actors' facial expressions and subtle gestures. I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by phd_travel 6 / 10 / 10

Beautiful film but predictable story

Great effort with the costumes and cinematography. It's a visual feast of fabrics. I tuned in for Park Shin Hye and she looks lovely but doesn't get a lot of chance to act. Go Soo is charismatic as the rebel tailor. What isn't good is the jealousy story and tragic end is so predictable. Here a twist would have been nice. Depressing ending.

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