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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Phil-1212 7 / 10 / 10

Fun movie with very well done effects and cinematography

If you like horror films then you'll like this one. I've seen a hundred movies that take students into the woods and start hacking them to bits before long but this movie had a nice twist to the usual elements. I saw this at a horror film festival and it, deservedly, won a bunch of the awards. Despite his short appearance on screen, John Kyle does a great job and won the award for best supporting actor. Well deserved! The rest of the cast is natural in their roles, including Justin Wall (who is now on the Glades!), and Jessica Blackmore, who is great. The character attrition isn't just due to mindless violence but bad things happen to bad people and the deaths come for a reason. I don't know what the budget was but the filming shows it's not another cheap splatter fest. Worth the few bucks to rent it and the time to watch it.

Reviewed by akaichou-crimsonbutterfl 8 / 10 / 10


I love to watch horror and watch a good plenty of them for work. Trust me when I say that Sacred is at best good for only 1 time viewing. This movie is very standard. Mysterious place, nosy American youths decide to investigate. They stick their noses where they don't belong, disregard warnings, and have to pay for it. Does that sound familiar? It's almost like 'The Ruins' (2008), but I believe the latter does a better job at building tension as well as laying out the plot. The characters are not very likable, neither do they look convincing to me as students. We don't know very much about their background, and they appear to be typical youths with a severe lack of situational awareness, and an impairment in natural acting. Since I wasn't able to stop thinking that these people are actors, immersion into the movie was also not possible as well. I won't say much about this film since I don't care for it much, but if this is up your tree, go ahead.

Reviewed by skoshifilms 8 / 10 / 10

Indie Horror Movie Looks Like Any Hollywood Picture

I saw this movie in the theater in downtown Orlando when it played for the cast & crew (I'm a friend of one of the crew). I tell you, it looks great on the big screen. Screw the naysayers from Singapore (did you even see it since it hasn't been released yet?). This is a low budget indie horror. Of course you aren't going to have a name actor or a budget of 3 million dollars. I wasn't expecting much for such a low budget, but I was really impressed. This movie played like a Hollywood movie on the big screen. The movie follows the journey of 5 college students as they trek through the Florida swamps to do a school project on an Indian tribe. They travel down a beautiful river to their destination, a camp. When one of them removes an Indian artifact from its resting place, all hell breaks loose. The 5 friends all become hunted, by their own past. I think the cinematography is beautiful and it looks like any Hollywood picture. The acting is good too. The actors are believable and they look good, what more can you ask from an indie horror movie?

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