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Brett Kelly as Dickie Dunn III
James Earl Jones as Ray Murdock
Teryl Rothery as Diana Kelly
Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KingMFreak 1 / 10 / 10

Ruins the memories

When you're tired of having fun on a Cruise ship and want to relax with the movie and the only thing on is The Sandlot 2, you take the opportunity. Hey, the movie is free, and I can sleep when the sun goes down (though that rarely happens in Alaska during the summer days). At first, The Sandlot 2 looked like it could turn out to be a decent kid movie. Sure it was evident they had rehashed the first one based on characters (the smart-ass fat kid, the look-a-like brothers, the leader of the pack, and the nerd who doesn't fit in). And I don't remember what it was, but at first, the movie tricked me into thinking it was going to be good. I have fond memories of the first Sandlot movie. I first saw it when I was nine and was instantly wrapped up in its story of one summer for kids in 1962. That movie also had some very un-clichéd elements, including the fact that it was a baseball movie that didn't end with the big game, but rather, a kid running from a "killer dog." What is so sad about this film is that it is a reconstruction of the first one scene for scene. The only new addition are female players, who are so annoying that you want the boys to win, especially when David (Max Lloyd-Jones) and Hayley (Samantha Burton) face off in a pitching-hitting match. The movie also includes a character that is supposedly the younger stepbrother of the original film's narrator (the narrator in both films is director David Mickey Evans). His role is to get something (a spaceship model) lost in the "Great Fear's" backyard (this movie's The Beast). Why the model is so important is not something I will divulge, as it will take too long. This sets up the movie to spend the next twenty minutes showing the kids coming up with improbably difficult ways to retrieve the item with no success, until finally the hero steps up and gets the item back, and ends up running (or in this case the wuss bikes) for his life (we even get a scene where he is running through an alley knocking over trash cans). Then the kids find out they just could've asked a blind James Earl Jones to retrieve the item, instead of putting us through all that pain. Why did I endure the movie when I was on a cruise ship and had the option of turning the movie off and doing something cooler, like sit in a hot tub? I don't really know. I was drawn in to see how much of the movie was copied, and if you've seen the first movie, you no doubt already know everything was stolen. They even have a rivalry team that wants the Sandlot, and whom they have a verbal contest with (the insult "Plays like a girl," is even thrown in, though this time from the other side). Overall, The Sandlot 2 is a terrible movie. Terrible. Awful. Dreadful. Appalling. Dire. Bad. And poor.

Reviewed by Jonesgrl5 1 / 10 / 10

Just Plain Insulting

I grew up on the first Sandlot and you know what? THEY SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT ALONE! The Sandlot is a fantastic movie(one of my top favorites) and it has been by itself for 12 years and now they have to go and make one of the world's worst TV movies for its sequel. Where should I begin? 1) THE PLOT IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE FIRST ONE! Group of kids lose something over the fence and spend their summer trying to come up with a clever plan to retrieve it because of some unknown "monster" on the other side. Also the feud between the rookie team and the league team. "You play ball like a girl!" That entire scene was exactly the same as in the original. Exactly the same... 2) CHARACTERS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME! One baseball hot-shot, a fat kid, one black kid, two brothers, Smalls (Scott Smalls younger half-brother) and they did mix it up a little bit, they threw in three girls who play softball. They only decided to give these characters different names. Like in the original, the dog was called "The Beast" and in this movie the dog is called "The Great Fear." What is that? 3) NOBODY IN THIS MOVIE COULD ACT! With the exception of James Earl Jones of course, he was awesome as he always is. I'm still trying to figure out why in the world he would take this role... This movie is just plain insulting to anyone who has seen and has fallen in love with the 1993 movie "The Sandlot" because how they have basically taken every single scene and twisted it to fit the 70's. I'm afraid to even think about what "The Sandlot 3" is going to be about... I give this 1/10 stars because that is as low as the scale goes.

Reviewed by Enchilada105 1 / 10 / 10

A sequel?!

More like remake.The acting was just horrible!Putting girls in the story was a bad idea because The original was about friendship but this version was about love (12 year olds don't need to know about love wait until there 14-15.).They where RACIST about tarquell.I mean he was the only one where Phychadelic clothing and was the only one with an afro.But the biggest thing was that they named him tarquell(you don't see Caucasian men named Tarquell).Plus everyone had a great future but Tarquell was abducted by aliens!Thats just racist! The reason I said this is more like a remake because it has the: 1.same situation (when the object goes over the fence) 2.Arguement between the fat kid and the jerky kid 3.Trick kiss scene with the weakest kid and someone very attractive It has Nothing to do with baseball.In the original it had to do a lot with baseball (baseball is my favorite sport).But this had nothing to do with baseball.It even said in he movie that it had nothing to do with baseball. overall:A bad movie

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