The Sea Shall Not Have Them


Drama / War

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Dirk Bogarde as Charlie Hook
Joan Sims as Beryl
Michael Redgrave as Burgomil Trebitsch
Nigel Green as Nayland Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clanciai 9 / 10 / 10

War thriller at sea for efficient nail-biting, with Dirk Bogarde getting desperate..

This is a surprisingly efficient rendering of one of many rather unknown but important operations in the second world war, the rescuing of stranded air pilots shot down by Germans and landed in the North Sea. Sea Otters and boats had to search for them in bad weather and stormy seas amid mine fields and over vast areas, and sometimes some could be rescued, even if snatched right out of the claws of the enemy almost getting at them first. This film in addition features some excellent actors in leading roles, like Nigel Patrick as the almost bullying leader of the rescue crew, bu he just had to be like that, Michael Redgrave as custodian of state secrets at peril stranded in a dinghy in the middle of nowhere in the North Sea, with Dirk Bogarde in a critical role as a major security risk among the shipwrecked. The film is partly unbearable, as it doesn't hesitate to give a very intimate insight into the conditions of the stranded on board the dinghy in hard weather night and day on the threshold of death, but it is well worth waiting for the finale. Let's see if you have any nails left after that.

Reviewed by kfo9494 5 / 10 / 10

Other than the last ten minutes, this was rather dull.

I was quite interesting before watching this film since it involved a very important part of the war effort that was responsible for rescue of downed planes and sunken ships. But had it not been for the ending, not much really happened in this 92 minute film. It had all the wrappings of a mid 1950 movie but failed to include enough action to make the viewer enjoy the adventure. The movie centered around a plane that had been shot down with the crew having to abandon the plane and get into a rubber raft. And with little time to send a signal, all the authorities know is a wide area where the plane was possibly located. Now a small rescue ship is on the way to see if they can spot possible survivors of a mission that was considered value to the war effort. Even though the concept was interesting, the script for the most part was uneventful. There is not much excitement about a rescue boat that breaks down in the middle of the ocean and accomplishes nothing while they wait for the boat to be repaired. While in the meantime, the camera keeps returning to the British Naval offices where a woman is pining when no word is heard about the whereabouts of the plane's crew where she has a loved one aboard. Then back to the raft where cold and mental anguish is affecting everyone. The final scenes do bring some adventure and suspense but it was almost too little too late. Not really a bad film but one that would have been much better with something other than dialog over three quarters of the movie.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10 / 10

Well made but a tad dull--though it ends on a high note.

I watched this film from a muddy looking print currently on YouTube. I hope there are better quality copies out there. This movie is about an air-sea rescue crew in action during WWII. A plane is shot down over the North Sea. What makes this one particularly important is that an agent on board is carrying super- important secrets about the German rocket program. Because of this, an all-out search is conducted by the Brits. The film bounces back and forth between the downed crew on a life raft as well as folks in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy as they try to locate them despite lousy weather and a HUGE search area. This film is probably not one with wide commercial appeal. While it excels at realism, this also makes for a relatively dull film. Despite this, the film has nice production values and some very nice acting (including the likes of Dirk Bogarde and Michael Redgrave). Probably of most interest to war film buffs. Regardless, though the pacing and style is a bit dull, it does, fortunately, end with more energy and emotion.

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