The Secret Mission


Comedy / Drama / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yankeedoo 8 / 10 / 10

Another superb korean movie

Shame that in U.K. its ext hard to get these movies unlike USA but if u can find it watch it it's superb funny sad touching movie And proves that we should never forget about the wars

Reviewed by ryanhadi 10 / 10 / 10

Heart wrenching story

Only after watching this movie I got to know that Bangla isn't the only language for which people fought and died. It was a wonderful movie, you can certainly feel attached to the characters and understand how hard it is to love and protect your mother tongue. Much respect for the people who suffered greatly to protect their language from stupid invaders.

Reviewed by clairekpromo 10 / 10 / 10

Must watch for Koreans and anyone who cares

After watching the movie I realized how important it is to continue the legacy that was passed on from our Korean ancestors: our Korean language. During the Japanese occupation of Korea, "Schools and universities forbade speaking Korean and emphasized manual labor and loyalty to the Emperor. Public places adopted Japanese, too, and an edict to make films in Japanese soon followed. It also became a crime to teach history from non-approved texts and authorities burned over 200,000 Korean historical documents, essentially wiping out the historical memory of Korea." Some of our ancestors were forced to erase our identity, replacing our birth given Korean names into foreign Japanese names. Though it was a long occupation, our Korean ancestors fought hard, protesting the revolting rule of Japan. In a couple of days we celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the March First Movement, where we proclaimed Korean independence and more than 1,500 demonstrations broke out in 1919. Around 2 million Koreans participated in demonstrations that lasted a year. I've always known about the violence put upon our ancestors during the occupation, but never thought about how the language I speak now, was nearly wiped away. Our culture, almost wiped away. It made me reflect; the Korean language is a source of our pride, we need to preserve, protect, treasure and teach it. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to check out the movie.

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