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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DrdownunderMum 9 / 10 / 10

Delightful festival of Korean-ness.

Last year I was incredibly fortunate to see this adorable movie when it premiered at The Korean Film Festival in Auckland. It was showing at The Academy, which is an informal art-house cinema in the basement of The Public Library. I was the only non-Asian person there too. For a "Frock Movie" fan like myself this was the most wonderful experience. The lush locations, hyper-color cinematography, the superb costumes and beautiful set dressing alone, make it a must-see. The surprising thing about the story, is that it is a comedy. I might not have realised this watching it with just English sub titles. The audience at the festival were laughing a lot. It appears it is a spoof of a traditional story which everyone knows. The script is very tongue in cheek and a bit anarchic. Think 'Blackadder" view of historical events as a comparison. I wish this genre of films were more easily viewed. I am back in Cornwall now and there is no way I would have seen it here.

Reviewed by manoguru 6 / 10 / 10

A servant falls in love with an aristocrat

This is an excellent Korean period piece. I am not a Korean nor do I know anything much about Korean history, but I could relate with the movie. The premise of the movie may seem a bit strange for modern viewers, but that was the sad truth: There were times in not so distant past when people were divided into strict social hierarchy; and it was a taboo to break those social norms. This movie is a simple triangular love story that forms between an aristocrat, his male servant, and an woman from aristocratic background that they both vie for. The cinematography is lush and full of colors, and the pacing of the film is slow without being boring. All three major actors played their part extremely well. Kim Ju-Hyuk as the hapless servant caught between his love and his duty towards his master is subtle and subdued in his performance. He dominates all the scenes that he is in. Yeo-Jeong Jo manages to expresses all the love, lust, and fierceness that a woman in her position can feel. And lastly Ryu Seung-bum as the vain but effeminate lord manages to catch the psychology of the character so well that I couldn't help but sympathize with him. Despite his cruel motive to destroy the two lovers, we do understand him not to be a demon; but just a regular guy who needs a hug. Don't be fooled by the love scenes. They are organically stitched to the overall movie, so it does not feel like it has been misplaced simply for the sake of titillation. Overall, this movie is a great viewing!!

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 6 / 10 / 10

Retelling of a Korean folktale with twists

Like folktales that goes through the eyes from a different perspective like the "Three Little Pigs" taken from the Big Bad Wolf's perceptive and the same going for "Little Red Riding Hood". This one takes a Korean folktale and tells the story from Bang-Ja's perspective while the high ranking guy is the evil one. And while Bang-Ja is in love with Lady Chun Hyang the high ranking guy who in the original folktale is like the charming prince just thinks of her as a piece of meat. And this story which is a twisted retelling of the folktale goes in a more depressing and tragic direction. While making this story out to be the true tale of what happened. Where none of the characters are likable and isn't a tale for younger audiences. Most of the way through the movie shows Bang-Ja in love with Lady Chun Hyang. So in order to win her because he is just a lowly servant, gets training how to sexually flirt with girls from Old man Ma who has a reputation for sleeping with many women using certain techniques to attract them. It probably won't work this day and age but it might have worked back then. But it was intriguing and kinda funny to see Old man Ma show the guy the ropes. And I think these types of scenarios made this movie a hit in Korea. While showing the realistic portrayal of thing, even if it isn't moralistically right. The ending seems a bit slightly forced into to show how the original folktale came to be but it's passable. This isn't a romance flick but a erotic love story I guess. Overall this movie is alright it's not a moving flick or a feel good one, in fact it's a depressing one that has somewhat realistic but negative message at the end. Men are known for falling for a girl over their beauty over personality and that really shows in this one I guess cause there really isn't anything likable about Chun-Hyang. 6.8/10

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