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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imavrin 10 / 10 / 10

Truelly scary movie

I couldn't agree more. It is one of the horror that scared me the most when I was a child. Spooky vampire story from the Balkans - a short description of the movie. B&W technique makes it even more scary. "Leptirica" is based upon a short story an I've read it - "Posle devedeset godina" (Milovan Glisic the author). I can only say it is almost as scary as the movie. Recently I had three opportunity to see "Leptirica" again. And it is still scary (and I'm not seven years old any more). There are only three chiller scenes, but even those three are too much. The atmosphere itself is scary enough. I give it 10 because it's the only horror that scared me twice.

Reviewed by SpookyDuke 8 / 10 / 10

Childhood nightmare

I saw this serbian film twice in my early childhood. Remember it still in the mist and it is one of the few horror movies that spooked the hell out of me. Highly recommended vintage treasure, straight 10/10, one of the TOP5 horror movies of all times. Brilliant camera, weird rural atmosphere, a true representative of Balkans' scary legends on the big screen.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10 / 10

Eerie Yugoslavian vampire film.

"Leptirica" is a Yugoslavian female vampire horror film from the early 70s shot in the Serbian countryside and based on a novel.The incredibly eerie beginning takes place in a mill.The old miller listens strange bird voices and while he's sleeping the millstone suddenly stops working and a strange creature with black hands,long nails,angry eyes and long teeth bites his neck and drinks his blood.Soon the area of a small Yugoslavian village and the dark woods are plagued with the attacks of a truly hideous vampire creature...This is my first Yugoslavian horror film and I'm highly impressed.It features some of the creepiest vampire attack scenes ever captured on screen.It's also based on Serbian folklore,unfortunately my DVD-R don't have English subtitles,so 90% of the plot went beyond me.Still if you want to see truly scary horror film try to find "Leptirica".9 out of 10.

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