The Silencing


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Annabelle Wallis as Sheriff Alice Gustafson
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Clas Greve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TwistedContent 6 / 10 / 10

The Solid Nikolaj and the Half Realized Script

It's always interesting to see what the stars of big and beloved shows do after their characters leave (or when the show ends, sometimes in a manner that's anything but beloved... Yes, Benioff and Weiss), so a thriller with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders) was anticipated with intrigue. The setting and plot topped the cake off with a cherry. And so, "The Silencing" is quite the decent thriller - never reached the stars and pales considerably in front of its spiritual similars and perhaps inspirations (True Detective, Wind River etc.), but no aspect really in this movie is below the average. Nikolaj portrays Rayburn Swanson, a reformed hunter living in solitude in a wildlife sanctuary, troubled deeply by the disappearance of his daughter years ago. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, as he and the town Sheriff Alice (Annabelle Wallis) set out to track down a newly active serial killer who may have also kidnapped Rayburn's daughter. The story provides most of what one would expect, chases, clues, violence, investigative and other misconceptions, offering also some minor plot turns that could raise a couple eyebrows. Though serious and working on heavy themes, "The Silencing" lacks suspense and the atmosphere that could've been, as plot largely functions on familiar tropes and leads to a rather clichéd final act. Where the first feature screenplay by Micah Ranum doesn't realize its full potential, the performances, geographical backdrop and visual work tries their best to make up for it. I took some issue with the character of Alice, and Annabelle Wallis didn't have a whole lot to shine on, whereas Nikolaj's offering of Rayburn felt like the most fulfilled character, and acting performance within "The Silencing". Shot in Ontario, Canada, "The Silencing" utilizes the landscapes and small town's drab charms well, though this backdrop eventually plays a role smaller than I'd wish to see. Cinematography's solid if not exactly impressive, though throughout I was thinking it'd do better with a little less greys in color grading. "The Silencing" feels lesser than it should've been, but it's never bad or truly boring. Decent, but forgettable, lands in the middle, one of those many movies that feel disappointing for... not being disappointing. Fans of rural thrillers, devious small town shenanigans and serial killer mysteries should be able to find a kick or two in "The Silencing". My rating: 6/10.

Reviewed by linobox 4 / 10 / 10

Needs better writing

Nice movie. Well performed, filmed and directed. Writing needs more depth on some characters and less in others. Too much expectation created around the main guy beeing a great hunter for nothing, and the woman being sheriff just to shoot a civilian without any consecuence at all. Uhmmmm...besides that is entertainig. The constant drinking didnt added that much either because it was missused.

Reviewed by dawesy101 4 / 10 / 10

A confusing absurd mess

The reviews here are being far too kind. Whilst it has an interesting premise the film just bungles along and has far too many plot holes and characters making absurd choices. The writing is pretty bad and annabelle Wallis' performance is seriously phoned in and at times - just bad. The reveal of the killer is a serious let down and the motive is just not believable at all. The scenery is nice but the cinematography is very uninspired and very low budget looking. Give this one a miss.

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