The Silent Mountain


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Claudia Cardinale as Nuria Calzolari
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by attila-698-252301 10 / 10 / 10

A long ignored and haunting view of WW I, with a good love story.

This film is the first one I have seen focusing (very realistically) on the war which took place in the Alps between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during 1914-1916. The movie's focus is divided between the love story between a young Austrian man (Anders) and a young Italian woman (Maria) who had been attending the marriage of her brother to Ander's sister, and who chose to remain in Ander's town at the outbreak of war, and the story of the often surreal and harrowing combat which took place at high altitude on mountain peaks in the Alps. Anders is conscripted to join the Kaiserjager, which is assigned to defend their homes in the neighboring valley, while Maria's brother is conscripted into the Italian Army and fights to invade the same valley. Both Anders and his Brother-in-law experience different slices of insanity, loneliness and disillusionment with their respective side's military, and long to be reunited with their loves. The love stories are told with sensitivity and plausibility, and do not detract from the historical qualities of the film. If you are interested in WW I, or simply curious about life in the movie's set, owe it to yourself to view this film. I found it far more striking and poignant than any version of "Farewell to Arms".

Reviewed by IndustriousAngel 9 / 10 / 10

War drama of the generic kind

A story about one of the less important frontlines of World War 1, the one in the Dolomites between Austria and Italy - one of the crazier battlefields in human history, allegedly more men died there by natural causes (weather, rockfall, avalanches ...) than by enemy hands. Many of the trenches, military roads and fortifications are still there - monuments to the insanity of war, as this production tries to be. If you're shooting a war movie, there's no shortage of examples. The best comparison here, I think, would be "Das Boot" - a group of men, none of them really interested in politics, most of them simply drafted - fighting against a mostly unseen enemy and the forces of nature and modern warfare. While "The Silent Mountain" manages to stand its ground, it loses every single point to "Das Boot". Instead of focusing on the young men (William Moseley's performance leaves nothing to be desired, most other actors do a fine job, too), the writer decided to include some family drama (nice cameo by Claudia Cardinale) including a hopeless love story, as well as a subplot with a villain down in the valley and an over-the-top Italian commander - not badly written, but those distract very much from the main theme, and take away some impact. Apart from those script problems, everything works, and the production values are OK despite some serious problems the crew ran into because of the harsh outdoor conditions - some members were hit by lightning, and their main battlefield set was washed away in a landslide before they could use it. As a result, there's less battlefield scenes than planned, but those that remain still give a good impression. Not the best war movie, but far from a bad one.

Reviewed by gary-89-608877 9 / 10 / 10

Excellent Movie, much better than anticipated

The Silent Mountain is a movie about the war in WWI between the Austrians and the Italians fought in the Dolomite Mountains. I knew nothing of this war, which some have called the White War because more people died from the elements than from the fighting The movie has a good mix of intrigue, mixed with a love story during a war, however It takes on a completely new direction at the end which I found totally surprising and after checking, a true account of the events during this time. I recommend to movie to everyone including families. Bloodshed, not any bad language I could remember, a few crude comments by solders and no nudity. Go see this movie!

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