The Silver Brumby


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by court99 5 / 10 / 10

If you love horses - watch this. If not...

*May contain slight spoilers* The main motive for my getting out this movie is because it is Australian and because the front featured a large picture of a young and very hunky Russell Crowe. It's a sweet story which horse lovers and young viewers would absolutely adore. However, while having an appreciation for horses, one and a half hours of what was mostly horses had me a little bored. To be perfectly honest, the Crowe to horse ratio was far too low. If you simply want to perve on Russell Crowe as I did, the best part of the film is when he is washing himself in the creek. Don't get your hopes up, there will be no more half naked Crowe after this. If your interest in this movie is purely to perve, then you may as well turn it off after the creek scene. On a more positive note; some shots of the Australian alps were beautiful and the sound track was very fitting to the mystical atmosphere which the movie was trying to create. The horse chase sequence in the end had me in fits of laughter however, as it lasted for what felt like twenty minutes, the chorus of dramatic singing becoming more and more heightened. I was imagining people in the recording studio passing out. I agree with other comments here, that the various parts showing mother-daughter storyline seemed to be a little out of place and at times didn't quite tie with what the story was trying to communicate. Their dialogue (not the overall narration), seemed to provide a very inadequate kind of commentary which cheapened or completely missed what it was essentially about. I couldn't help but remember while watching this movie that horses are not native to Australia and are actually quite damaging to Australian ecosystems. I couldn't help but feel how unnatural their presence was. Towards the end I actually wanted "The Man" to catch the Silver Brumby and stop it from producing any more damaging offspring. Another thing - if this horse has the ability to conjure storms and highly precise lightening bolts at whim, could it not have struck down both the enemy "Brolga" horse AND "The Man"? The camera work was pretty good, apart from one shot where Crowe is laughing manically, which was zoomed in so far you can actually see one of his fillings. Crowe did a terrific job of course, it was not his fault that the people who did the story board for this movie were amateurs. Overall, it is a sweet though slow moving movie, which younger viewers and horses lovers should watch - not the best for Crowe perving however, for that I heartily recommend one of my favourite movies - "The Sum of Us".

Reviewed by Mia4 9 / 10 / 10

Stunning Visuals

I truly wish that this movie would have been shown in theatres in the US instead of going directly to video. The visuals were absolutely stunning, especially the scenes of the brumbies galloping freely. The basic premise of the story about the Man's obsession for the Silver Brumby was excellent. The medium of the mother relating the story to her daughter was also handled well, but some of the other scenes with the mother and daughter distracted from the flow of the film. Especially the scenes with the kangaroo. To me they seemed disjointed as if they were just thrown in hodgepodge. Overall I loved the movie and will watch it again for the Australian scenery and horse scenes.

Reviewed by Lola-32 9 / 10 / 10

A Wonderful Surprise

I usually have pretty low expectations for "children's movies" not to mention animal adventures. This film turned out to be a fabulous surprise in every way. Sure, I came to it solely to finish out my search for Russell Crowe films; but I came away extremely moved by both the story, the breathtaking visuals of Australia and the lack of heavyhandedness so usually present in these films. This film provided a mesmerizing, compelling film experience. Oh yeah...Russell looks absolutely gorgeous..... Try'll be glad you did.

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