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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phanthinga 7 / 10 / 10

Good CAT III movie throwback

If you love The Untold Story or Ebola Syndrome two of the best CAT III movies ever made both directed by Herman Yau and starring Anthony Wong you gonna have a blast with The Sleep Curse.The movie is cliché and rely heavily on flashback scene but over the top element of a proper CAT III still there like over the top gore and long disturbing sequence.I enjoy the movie for what it is but at the same time disappointed when it not go all the way like i expected

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 2 / 10 / 10

No horror. Bad script. Horrible execution.

3 stars here! Watch the movie and figure it out yourself, that is if you can last all the way through. I watched it with 2 friends, all of us begging for the movie to hit its climax and finish. And that was a mistake right there. Because when it does so, it goes full on gore, jumping from history lessons about the war to lets cut some organs, eat some flesh and be as disgusting as possible. The movie focuses on two time periods, both equally boring and gross when the time comes. I have no idea how this got into production but if it will go without people noticing it, I won't act surprised. Sorry but they failed here. Bad! Really bad ghost story, mostly about vengeance, told in the worst possible way. I won't recommend it. Stay away. Cheers!

Reviewed by LustAndLace 2 / 10 / 10


It's pretty much an hour and 10 minutes of set-up and much boringness for 20 minutes of pretty tame gore at the end. All these pointless scenes and set-up for literally no pay off. Nothing gets resolved, no explanation of why Dr dude did what he did at the end. Honestly the most compelling part of the movie was with the main character's father in flash backs. I think if the movie was focused more on the Japanese invasion you'd have an interesting movie but honestly the stuff you see in flash backs has nothing to do with what happens in the present besides the whole 'curse' thing but even that doesn't get any spotlight in the present outside of a few jump scares of a dead girl à la the grudge, which did it much much MUCH better. Present guy has literally ZERO effects of the curse that made his father crazy through the entire movie, nothing about him not being able to sleep or being super nutso but he ends up crazy anyways? I think mainly it's the editing to blame because it's very choppy story-wise. The past segments are very well thought out and you get much more information but the present parts really are a jumbled mess with no explanation. Buddy goes from totally normal to psychotic in the span of 30 seconds for no reason nor do we get an explanation why. I really feel like they should delete all the present parts and re-do it only focusing on the past with the war, the sisters and what they went through. That would've been a good movie. Quite frankly the flash back part should've been the entire movie. The present part of the movie was just awful. An old man pawning after a woman at least half his age and she has zero interest in him, so he tortures her with sleep deprivation and eats her? Wtf? We see zero effects of the guy not sleeping like what happened to his father nor any explanation of why not sleeping makes you eat yourself. It just doesn't make sense at all and I love me some wonky horror movies but this one is just so unsatisfying. There wasn't enough time spent learning about the sisters. No information given about the curse magic their father is teaching one of them, just nothing. So much time is spent focusing on characters that really have nothing to do with the main plot of the movie. I'm not sure if it got chopped up so bad in editing or what but there isn't a lot of continuity in this movie. It feels like two different movies spliced together with the same main character so it ends up just really not fitting in together. Honestly the best part of the movie was seeing a dick, which was a pleasant surprise cause we don't get enough full frontal male nudity in movies it's always boobs or lady butt gross. If you're in the mood for foreign horror watch Martyrs, Tale of two sisters or Audition or something. This one is hot garbage and the gore wasn't even good enough to call it torture porn. Hard pass.

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