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François Truffaut as Le pompiste
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdeferrari 8 / 10 / 10

Sure and unflinching

Truffaut's study of a middle-aged man losing his way in life in the age-old fashion is caught in a mesmerizing series of quick-succession shots and sympathetically-captured quotidian details. An unthinking, self-assured man; his wounded, passionate wife; his sweet, vulnerable lover; an inevitable tragedy. This underrated film has no real surprises, but its sure-footedness is impressive and the simple story ultimately very moving.

Reviewed by andrabem 8 / 10 / 10

The Flight of Pierre

Pierre Lachenay (Jean Desailly) is a successful writer. He is leaving Paris for Lisbon to give a conference on "Balzac et l'argent". On the flight to Lisbon he feels instant attraction for a beautiful flight stewardess. In Lisbon he'll discover that he's staying at the same hotel as her. Pierre wastes no time and gets to know her. Her name is Nicole (Françoise Dorléac). She is spontaneous and easy-going, but it's easy to detect the romantic streak in her. They start an affair right there in Lisbon. She gives him her Paris telephone number. He calls her. They meet. In Paris their relationship grows in intensity. Pierre is a married man. His wife is also a good-looking woman and he has a 10-year-old daughter that loves him (as does his wife). Pierre is an intellectual with an organized life, maybe having had some flings here and there, but nothing that really threatened the comfortable foundations of his life. But now he has met Nicole. And Nicole represents everything that Pierre had never really experienced before: she has a real "joie de vivre" but underneath it, there is pain, and above all, strength - the strength to overcome sadness and start all over again, that is, to live right here and now. Pierre, on the other hand, as an intellectual, lives a life of compromises. His wife, Franca (Nelly Benedetti), loves him and has a strong personality. She knows exactly what she wants and is determined to fight for it. Pierre is between two strong women. He loves Nicole - she has opened a new life, a new world for him. Will he follow his heart? And where will his heart lead him? I think that "La Peau Douce" is one of the more personal films made by Truffaut. It has a psychological subtlety not displayed in his later works (be it his later Antoine Doinel films, his literary adaptations, or his homages - to Hitchcock, Jean Renoir etc..). Never again would Truffaut reach the depth of "La Peau Douce". "La Peau Douce" reveals understanding (and tenderness) for all the characters, but alongside these traits there's also a bitter irony and even some touches of dark comedy. The characters are shown in all their weaknesses and beauty. In later Truffaut films the tenderness would be the prevailing feature - the irony would come along in a watered-down form.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

Tragic Romance

While traveling to Lisbon for a lecture, the famous middle-aged writer, publisher and lecturer Pierre Lachenay (Jean Desailly) has one night stand with the young Panair do Brasil stewardess Nicole (Françoise Dorleac). Pierre becomes obsessed with flight attendant and schedules to travel with her to Reims for a lecture. Pierre hides his affair from his unbalanced wife Franca Lachenay (Nelly Benedetti), trying to spare their little daughter Sabine Lachenay (Sabine Haudepin) from a separation. Pierre becomes obsessed with Nicole, misunderstanding her feelings and expectations, and decides to leave Franca to live with her. Meanwhile the unbalanced Franca finds a receipt of photos in Pierre's jacket and gets the evidence that Pierre is unfaithful to her, in the beginning of the tragic end of their relationship. Many of François Truffault's movies are autobiographic or deals with problems in the communications of love. "La Peu Deuce" is a wonderful and tragic romance, with magnificent interpretations and stunning cinematography. In the hands of another director, this movie could be a corny melodramatic story; in the hands of Truffault, this little gem becomes a credible, melancholic and intense love story of a weak man, probably in a middle-age crisis, and certainly having problems with his about fifteen years of marriage, that does not see the real intentions of his lover, and destroys his family and himself with his attitude. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Um Só Pecado" ("Just One Sin") Note: On 17 October 2011, I saw this film again.

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