The Song of Bernadette


Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Jennifer Jones as Celia Braddock
Lee J. Cobb as Marcus Harris
Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins
William Smith as Actor who trips over camera
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark-243 10 / 10 / 10

it makes you want to believe

I'm not Catholic, but this film makes you want to believe the whole thing. I've never been so moved by a story demonstrating the incredible power of innocence and simplicity as performed by Jennifer Jones in this faithful adaptation of the true story of the now-canonized Bernadette Soubirous. Beyond this story, the sets, performances, narrative flow, and in particular, the heavenly-inspired music of Alfred Newman is nothing short of transporting. Some may find the movie overlong, but I cherished every character and angle to the story--much like enjoying the book with all of its detail. This effort demonstrates more than just the quality of the golden age of cinema and 20th Century Fox, but it adds a cast and crew clearly inspired to tell this true story like no other has been told before or since.

Reviewed by ozthegreatat42330 7 / 10 / 10

This is truly one of the all time classic treasures of film making!

I have read where several people claim that there are flaws and imperfections in this film. But that is just not so. Even if you do not agree with the subject matter, and I do not come down on either side here, even though a catholic, it is simply a matter of capturing the emotional perfection of the story. Jennifer Jones had many fine roles in her career, but, as is all to often not the case, she honestly deserved the Best Actress Oscar for this her finest screen moment. Guided under the very skilled hand of one of Hollywood's often unsung but greatest director's Henry King this motion picture shines with a divine radiance all its own. The performances of the other cast members were also on a par with the lead role. I will here only mention a few. Charles Bickford as the priest who first scoffs and eventually becomes a firm believer was his very best. Vincent Price, who is always able to play a villainous role to perfection was excellent as the doubting prosecutor who cannot be convinced. And Lee J. Cobb turns in an excellent performance also. But the second kudos of the film go to Gladys Cooper, who should have won a best supporting award as the old nun, who cannot accept Bernadette for who and what she is. Finally, a note for the person who said the was no song in the movie and questioned the title. The whole film was a song or more correctly a psalm of faith, and the psalms were never sung but spoken. The music of ALfred Newman again underscores the action of this film perfectly. It is high on my top twenty-five films of all time.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7 / 10 / 10

Young Jennifer Jones Something To Behold

Despite being a little long at almost three hours and not all that exciting, I will watch this again if for no other reason than to see a young, beautiful, sweet Jennifer Jones once again in her screen debut. Much of this film is a frustrating experience as the sincere and honest "Bernadette" (Jones) is not believed by the powers-that-be: the local politician and clergyman. That disbelief goes on and on and on as Bernadette sees the image of the Virgin Mary, and cannot convince politician-staunch atheist Vincent Price and some stubborn heads of the Catholic Church that she's seeing exactly what she's stating. The real story goes that Bernadette had conversations with Mary (only referred to as "the lady" in the movie) for 15 straight days and miracles took place where the two talked. The acting in here is very good, top to bottom. Included on that this of good actors, but who not any billing on the DVD cover, is the great Anne Revere, one of the most interesting and underrated actresses of her day. The cinematography also is very good and can be easily under-appreciated while one gets involved in the story. This is definitely a movie to check out, whatever ones theological beliefs, for the acting, photography, involving story and, of course, to see Jones in her youthful beauty and innocence.

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