The Sound of the Spirit


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raveric 10 / 10 / 10

Great Movie to watch with the whole family

Very few movies have the ability to touch people of all backgrounds while sharing a message of hope. This movie accomplished this while being entertaining.The subject matter is powerful in a time when more families are blending faiths and dealing with the issue inherent in this blending. The plot move fast enough to be engaging and slowly enough to allow the viewer to come to terms with the twists happening in each scene. I look forward to seeing more work by this team and hope that more films are released in the near future. As the team works together they will make the small changes that will help them make the adjustments that will close the gap between this excellent first film and the work of more experienced companies.

Reviewed by verk-838-90589 8 / 10 / 10

Nice story..... but

Sound of the Spirit has a nice story line but was week on the script and as a result, not much for the actors to work with. Like most Evangelically produced movies, even the "bad guys" are clean. Not that there are any bad guys, unless you put the "anti-missionary" Yosi in that roll. His character is only on screen or heard over a phone conversation for about a minute. The movie portrays him like a wide eyed lunatic who only wants to "deprogram" poor lost Jewish Souls. I have met several anti-missionaries and the ones I have met were intelligent, well spoken and passionate. None of them fell into the stereo-type portrayed in this movie. (note, I am a Messianic Jew.) Aside from the mediocre acting and less than professional writing, it had a good story line and attempted to depict the life of people in a Jewish Community Synagogue struggling with messianic Jews, and in this case, a recently orphaned young Messianic girl who is taken in by her estranged aunt and uncle They represent an elderly traditional Jewish couple. The dynamic tension played out in the synagogue meetings is vary superficial compared with the time given to Rivka, the star of the show. It is a movie worth watching once to help begin a discussion in any faith community about the tensions that exist where differing view live shoulder to shoulder. If I were to put this movie into a category, it would have to be, "Sappy Stereotypical Religious" This is an example of a good idea with a bad execution.

Reviewed by theoriginaljoyj 8 / 10 / 10

A tasteful treatment of a very sensitive issue

I've seen this movie at least 3 times over the past few years (I'm one of those persons who'll watch movies I like over and over again). I've found this movie to be a tasteful presentation of the very real issue of the dividing line in Judaism and, I dare say, the wider world i.e. belief or non-belief in Jesus of Nazareth. The premise of a young Messianic Jewish girl forced to live with her Orthodox Jewish relatives after her father's untimely death is an interesting way of dealing with this extremely sensitive issue. The movie keeps raising the questions "What really makes someone Jewish?", "What does being Jewish mean?" and "Can someone be both Jewish and a believer in Jesus Christ?". I really like how the story deals with these questions and how the main character is guided by God's Spirit in finding the answer to her predicament. Secondly, the movie is wholesome, family-oriented entertainment, which I really appreciate, given some of the alternatives out there. The power of genuine and unconditional Love to reach out, to build a bridge over the divide and to reconcile people is another important theme in this movie. I especially like how that particular message is verbalized by the main character near the end. The main character is reconciled to her aunt and uncle through their love for her. She is reconciled to the wider Jewish community in her new neighborhood through the genuine care and concern of the Rabbi and other persons in the community. And she's allowed to continue to visit her Rabbi and friends at her former Messianic Jewish synagogue. As a Gentile follower of Jesus, the movie's message of Love's power is the real key to me - we are to live in, respond in and react in love (as well as truth and wisdom) to issues that divide us. Finger-pointing, accusations and stigmatizing does not help, heal or reconcile. Truth is most powerful when presented with genuine Love and Wisdom is most effective when executed with genuine Love.

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