The Strange Ones


Drama / Thriller

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April 5, 2019


Alex Pettyfer as Ellis Beck
Gene Jones as George Lockhart
Marin Ireland as Nora Quail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 1 / 10 / 10

The Strange Ones: Well it's got the strange part down

The Strange Ones is a strange film, it tells the story of a man and a boy travelling across country and the secrets they hold. Thing is everything is so vague, pretty much everything is open to interpretation and the whole thing is about as interesting as reading the back of a tin of beans and half as exciting. All the way through I was thinking to myself that it was building to something, it'll have a payoff but it didn't it really really didn't. Lifeless, unforgivably dull and with a story that partially makes no sense and partially just isn't very good. I very rarely give movies a 1/10, it suggests a film is devoid of any redeeming features but that's exactly what we have here. It's been a while since I've watched a movie so deserving! The Strange Ones is a remake of a short film created by the same people. I can't imagine the short is much better but can confidently say it won't be any worse. The Good: Nothing, nada and/or zip The Bad: Goes nowhere Serves no purpose Uncannily disturbing Things I Learnt From This Movie: They'll give awards out for ruddy anything these days I don't blame the cup for leaving, I'd have too

Reviewed by rhimaginemua 6 / 10 / 10

Appearances are deceiving!

The portrayal of a boy named Sam, and his supposed older brother, Nick, are on the run when Sam's father is murdered and then the home set a blaze to cover the tracks. Through out the journey, clue begin to reveal themselves like that of a Russian nesting doll. By the time you get to the final piece of this murder mystery, it all becomes too clear: looks are deceiving in who you think is responsible. There was a lot of suggestive scene play on nodding in directions of what was really happening. The layers being peeled back, one after the other, gave insight to the thought process of Sam. A few key things, which connected as a trail of breadcrumbs. It's how you end up realizing why Sam, even though a boy, was twisted with rage and denial into a self destructive sociopath on the verge of pulling a Dexter like mentality by the end of the film. From the questioning of the coffee cups existence to his memory flashbacks, it's no wonder by the end you could see it coming from a mile away. Nick's character, portrayed by the ever talented Alex Pettyfer, really helped shape the scenes throughout the film. From his approach in subtle, yet effective, expressing care towards Sam to his confrontations with the boy, really displayed a delivery that helped divert the viewer from ever knowing early on who was responsible for the murder and fire. There were moments you began to question if Pettyfer's character was the shadow of an antagonist, that ends up turning around by a pivotal moment revealing Freedson-Jackson to be the darker force. There are those who complained about the very end and it's easily showing Sam doing what Nick had said about the cave at the same age when he ran away. But it's also pointing out silently where Nick was last and Sam revisiting the location to bid farewell. The only issue, it's due to viewers who might get confused easily, the transition of the two last parts where it didn't hint at it being a flashback scene when Sam goes to sit down to talk about his nightmares. There it's revealing what really happened. Sort of just jumped right into it without even a real hint till you saw what was going on. Overall, it's a highly underrated film, which touched on some dark aspects in the human psyche with more visual directive approaches and equally based scripted dialogue. Fully recommend this to all those who enjoy a thrilling indie flick that has a surprised ending twist!

Reviewed by JR 6 / 10 / 10

A Cautionary Story Based On Actual Events

I am surprised that in viewing the other reviews made by viewers of this movie none of them seemed to put together that this is based, albeit loosely, on a REAL event. The story has been altered a good deal but it is still recognizably based on an event that occurred in 2001. They have based the movie on the story of Derek and Alex King who came under the spell of a neighboring pedophile who recognized their thirst for attention and desire for a male role model's attention. The boys were only 12 and 13 years old at the time and they had been bounced around foster homes and family members for a good while and had not lived together during those times. When a neighbor, who was a friend of their fathers, began watching over them while their father was away and began showering them with attention and gifts and treats they never got in any other case, the boys quickly fell under his spell. It all ended with the boys being molested and under the neighbors spell and with his direction one of the boys killed his father with a baseball bat while he sat in a chair. For the details and more complete actual story you can simply do a search of their names, Alex and Derek King. The movie loosely follows what happened while changing numerous details such as using only 1 boy and having the neighbor pedophile shot dead in an exchange with law enforcement. In reality he received a 30 year prison sentence and the boys received 7 and 8 year sentences, incarcerating them until they became adults. I have seen that some watchers thought the movie went to slow but I fail to see that. I was also some what surprised to not see any indication about it being based on a real incident. Perhaps because the boys were young minors at the time. I myself was fascinated by the movie and I recognized the the association with actual events after only a few minutes. I would suggest that perhaps viewers might want to read about the actual event after watching the movie. The movie depicts the terrible cost that pedophiles inflict upon their victims, both immediate and through out their lives. I see the movie as a cautionary tale of what can happen when we fail to treat our kids as human beings and as the most important things we have. The abuse of children, physical or psychological, is a terrible thing.

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