The Student and Mister Henri


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eyeintrees 9 / 10 / 10

Another wonderful French movie

I ask myself time and again... how do the French do this? They have a superb knack for taking a very simple story and turning it, without sentiment, into a beautiful, moving, intelligent and uplifting experience. This is another such gem. Beautifully acted by all players, a simple story of a girl who always 'fails' is turned into a story about how we all are... just humans who are trying to find our way. And sometimes it takes a stranger to see who we really are. Definitely one for parents who might need to put on their thinking caps. Highly recommended. Delightful.

Reviewed by Djtrip83 8 / 10 / 10

A tragicomic tale of generation gaps

A simple but deep story which borders the comic and the tragic as 3 characters from 3 completely different generations are faced with family challenges they cannot solve alone. Constance (Noémie Schmidt) has problems with her nerves when attending exams and struggles to know what she wants to do in life. She is now making the big jump from school to university, and moving to Paris. Henri Voizot (Claude Brasseur) is offering a room to let in his nice old style French apartment but his misanthropic, grumpy ways are not easy to handle and finds his match in Constance. The old man ultimately seeks her help to interfere in his son's marriage before he makes a big mistake. Will Constance lower to such ignoble task to keep her room and also her student career? A great Claude Brasseur as the grumpy old man and a promising Noémie Schmidt make us accomplices as we watch their events unfold in this theatrical play made into a film for us to enjoy.

Reviewed by IndustriousAngel 8 / 10 / 10

Grumpy old man meets nice (but stubborn) girl

Another french feel-good comedy, once more with two outsiders helping each other getting on with life. Though a bit formulaic, this is a good one - entertaining, funny, well paced and with some feeling AND even an "edgy" or slightly unexpected ending (at least for a feel-good comedy, that is). First landlord and lodger, the grumpy old widower Henri, and the nice but shrewd and stubborn student, Constance, soon become a bit more invested than each of them planned to. The high points are the three main actors (Henri - he gets most laughs; Constance; and Henri's 40ish son, Paul, who initiated the whole lodging scheme so his father is not all alone). Other characters (among them Paul's wife) get rather shortchanged. The movie is based on a stage play, so the dialogue is snappy and very funny; the downside is that the whole thing is not very cinematic - I guess it wouldn't lose much on a home screen. But I recommend seeing this with a weekend crowd in the theater, always a nice experience with those comedies!

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