The Surrogate


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Annie Wersching as Allison Kelly
Brian Ames as Gary
Diane Baker as Louise
Eve Mauro as Morgan Dyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

When the Water Breaks

Before the opening credits, an attractive young woman has a terrible fight with an older man. She kicks him in the goody holders and drives away… After the credits, we meet cute college professor Cameron Mathison (as Jacob Kelly). He is obviously not the man in the opening. Also a famous novelist, Mr. Mathison is happily married to attractive realtor Annie Wersching (as Allison). Due to health and age concerns, Ms. Wersching is unable to bear children. She has, luckily, one viable frozen embryo left in the fridge. The only thing left for Mathison and Wersching to do is find a surrogate for their baby. This being a "Lifetime" TV movie, you know what that means... Drooling over Mathison, Amy Scott (as Katherine "Kate" Randall) maneuvers her way into a job at the college. The young woman we meet in the violent opening minutes, Ms. Scott is determined to be selected as "The Surrogate" and carry Mathison's child. Surrogate mothers are marvelous foil for psycho TV movie women. This story follows a predictable formula, but adds some events you're not likely to predict, especially during the last minutes. A pregnant woman shown "water breaking" has become acceptable viewing on US TV, but director Doug Campbell and his crew top it off with an astonishing and wacky look at what could possibly follow that function. ***** The Surrogate (1/1/13) Doug Campbell ~ Cameron Mathison, Amy Scott, Annie Wersching, Matthew Alan

Reviewed by nogodnomasters / 10


The film opens with Catherine (Amy Scott) running out of a house having some sort of issue. Four years later she emerges as Kate, a college whatever in love with author/professor Jacob Kelly (Cameron Mathison) and exhibits stalker tendencies. We discover Jacob has a wife Allison (Annie Wersching) whose collection of frozen eggs has dwindled down to one. Kate forces her way into the job of surrogate by eliminating the competition. Yes, this is another film where young girl wants to replace the wife so she can be with her husband. We have seen so many of these things, we groan over the idea they would make another one, especially with the made for TV quality this one has. However, since Kate is carrying the child, they really don't want to hurt her. As the plot turns to Misery we discover Kate is also a victim herself. In fact I had to laugh because her personal story was so much more interesting than the one they produced. Not the worse thing at Redbox. Might work as one of their free rentals. Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.

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