The Swan Princess: Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10 / 10

From a swan to an ugly duckling

The Swan Princess was a childhood favourite, and from a personal perspective still very enjoyable now. The two sequels that followed weren't as good but had some nice things about them(Secret of the Castle may have had a bad villain and Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom some animation goofs- plus in all three films Derek has never been the strongest of characters- but the songs were serviceable and at least made some effort to be true to the style of the music in the first film, had some fun dialogue and Uberta is hilarious). All three are still much better than The Swan Princess Christmas which was not only unnecessary but of poor quality judging it as a stand-alone. For starters, the animation is pretty terrible and reminiscent of a bad computer game from 20 years ago, it is very flatly coloured and textured, with very awkward facial expressions and Jean Bob and Speed are very stiffly animated. Even worse were the songs, not only were they forgettable and irritating but they were ill-placed, made no effort to be true to the music style of the first Swan Princess and sounded like they were sung by people from high-school/Disney Channel(Autotune and all, and it didn't fit the characters at all), the manger scene could have been cute but was painful instead. The incidental score fares s tad better but still lacked spark or sense of danger, and you miss the classical orchestrations of the previous outings. The chime bells playing Far Longer than Forever was the one time where the movie harkened back to the original film which was nice admittedly. The dialogue lacked anything that was genuinely funny and heartfelt, it all felt stilted with some witless humour(Uberta was a bland character this time round when she was one of the high points of both sequels, and strangely Rodgers worked marginally smoother with Bromley which is saying little) and heartfelt moments that verged on overwrought, I personally felt nothing about Derek dying and coming back to life again. If the film had any signs of potential from the get go it was in the story, even if it was conceptually derivative except with Christmas thrown into the mix. Unfortunately the potential doesn't translate to screen very well at all. The story is very tired- very little sense of charm, enchantment and even heart-warming Christmas spirit- and doesn't make clear where abouts between the previous three films it's meant to be set, it did have potential but uses it poorly. The film is fairly short but feels longer than it is. The characters seem off, Number 9 is the best character here and is actually at times more devious than Rothbart. While Odette lacks charm(actually really with each sequel she got blander and lost her feistiness), Derek is as wet as a drip, Jean Bob, Speed and Puffin are not very funny, Uberta and Rodgers are blandly fleshed out and Rothbart doesn't exude any sense of threat at all and comes off like a childish clown. The voice acting is going through the motions quality, including Ben 10s' Yuri Lowenthal for Derek. The film really suffers without the presence of the late Michelle Nicastro as Odette and few of them sound like the original voice actors(Speed and Jean-Bob are the exceptions). In conclusion, very poor and it is the only Swan Princess film that came off really badly. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by violetashes 1 / 10 / 10

fans from the original trilogy... DO NOT WATCH THIS!

This film doesn't even deserve a rating... I've been a fan of these films ever since I was a child and I could not believe this one even exists. I saw the title and was intrigued to see what it was like. Unfortunately almost immediately I knew even thinking about watching this was a big mistake... I must of watched the first 2 minutes and instantly switched it off. Bare in mind the first three films are all animated, this one for unknown reasons decided to be made into cheap CGI. You can say I didn't give it a good chance because i didn't watch it all the way through or at least half way, but after seeing how it was made I decided it was best to not put myself though any mental torture and hold onto my original memory for the first three films. Some titles just need to be left alone and this is certainly a good example for this.

Reviewed by sysclp 1 / 10 / 10

This sucks big time

The cgi animation is so pitiful it is painful to watch and Odette's eyes come off as really creepy. The songs are OK but don't mesh well with the medieval setting since they are more hip hop and R&B styled. It was barely tolerable as background noise but if I tried to watch it I quickly wanted to go do something else. I really can't find anything to recommend about it other than to skip it. I watched it on The Movie Network in Canada for free which was the only reason I tortured myself with this dreck. For a 2012 movie, the animation was like a really bad video game from several years ago. I doubt even small children would enjoy this pitiful money grab.

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