The Take


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Charlotte Le Bon as Claudia / Antoine's Mistress
Idris Elba as Macavity
Kelly Reilly as Charlotte
Richard Madden as Lieutenant Joseph Blake
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Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10 / 10

The Take

Michael Mason (Richard Madden) is an American pickpocket in Paris, thieving to make a living. A case he steals goes off as it contained a bomb. Now he is hunted by the French police and a CIA agent based in the city, Sean Briar (Idris Elba.) They uncover a conspiracy at play to blame Muslims for the bombing atrocities while anti fascist protesters campaign against police brutality. The Take is a routine but underwhelming thriller. There are a few twists that involve corrupt cops but Elba is wasted as the maverick CIA agent who is frankly a bit dull. The film also has too many British actors playing Americans, surely the producers could afford some genuine American actors!

Reviewed by redpaperweight 4 / 10 / 10

American & Capitalist propaganda well displayed

Alba is a great actor and often plays very well, his performance here was mediocre but still enjoyable. As an action movie it does indeed deliver on action, the story itself however... something completely different. Not only does the story show off the "amazing" Americans by saving the corrupt and incompetent French from a possible terrorist attack in Paris, the story also portrays capitalist propaganda in quite a grasping and striking way. This propaganda enters in two steps: (1) the protesters are given quite some attention and keep being labeled as purely anti-fascist to show that they are indeed good guys, the moment they actually charge the police lines and break through is nearly euphoric; (2) then however enters the second step which pretty much annuls the former by showing us that we indeed may protest but the money that is accumulated by banks and the elite is not ours to take, we may not steal from them as it are their own 'rightful' assets. The French policemen have come to the desperate decision to take the money from the federal reserve as their group was failed by the administration after the loss of 2 team members during a previous operation. They wanted to get even as they felt undervalued and disrespected, now whose fault is that? We can be mad and we may be upset about the inequality or the insane amounts of accumulation over our own backs, but we better not dare to take it back. We may enter the lobby of a bank, shouting and protesting, the vault however is off-limits.

Reviewed by A 4 / 10 / 10

That's a BIG phone...

That's a BIG phone. He was gonna find her THAT quickly?! {DARK} Good thing he has a helmet on... {/DARK} Why doesn't he put his bag around his shoulder instead of swinging it around wildly while trying to balance? That door REALLY disappears. Wild white hair guy. Nice elector "conversation". Wild van party. For a pickpocket he is not very streetwise. Poor movie, but good audition tape for Idris as the next Bond.

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