The Ten


Comedy / Romance

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Famke Janssen as Kay Adams
Jason Sudeikis as Justin Pin / Ares
Paul Rudd as Adam
Winona Ryder as Sandra Dulles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Roedy Green 4 / 10 / 10

Like Second String SNL sketches

The movie is made of 10 sketches, each sketch very loosely inspired by one of the ten commandments. The movie has almost nothing to do with god or religion. The sketches are crude, with lots of references to penises, penis size, poo and sex. All the sketches are crazy and over the top. For example, one is about a man who jumps from a plane, sticks in the dirt, and has to stay there the rest of his life. Another is about neighbours who keep buying CAT scan machines just to compete with each other. In another, a woman falls in love with a ventriloquist dummy and kidnaps it. There is a romantic attachment between a man and his rapist in prison. A man marries Diane Wiest after dumping his giggly, empty-headed, girl friend who kept calling him "Daddy". There is a little bit of singing and dancing which is quite clever and well executed. The humour depends on the actors maintaining a straight face no matter how silly the dialogue. There are a number of handsome young male actors, sometimes nude.

Reviewed by petrogradskaya-1 7 / 10 / 10

Mindless Drivel

This IMO was created as a comedy showing how life plays us all as pawns and there is always at least two side of a story and so on. Or may be the intention was just a politically incorrect funny movie. Well what they did was something dim and unfunny. Waste of film if it was shot on celluloid which I doubt. Waste of good acting talent: there were a few good actors in it, hopefully they've got paid. I think the writers and the director had no idea how to make a movie and thought that may be a comedy is a bit easier to do then anything else. They failed and the '10 commandments' are miserable sketches having nothing to do with humour or any food for thought. I don't know what is worse, that or ceaseless flow of CGI-effects instead of content we see in 2010-s. Probably 'The ten' is worse because it pretends to be a comedy and deceives the viewer. Do not watch this movie. No entertainment value, no any other value at all in it.

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 7 / 10 / 10

Better than the rating in here should imply.

Now, I don't have that much to say about this movie, I write this review to say that the IMDb-score is too low. Here is what I think happened with this. The Tens make fun of Christianity, therefore a lot of people rate it low. Don't listen to these humorless people. The Tens is not laugh out loud-funny every single second, but it is definitely a piece of light entertainment, good for a couple of laughs. To most people at least. There are several segments here and hey vary in quality, but overall this is, like I just said, light entertainment. Some of the segments are kind of strange, not everyone likes that. Paul Rudd is funny and it was after seeing this that I started liking him. Not that I didn't like him before, but you know. Liked him better. I think I might even see it another time, some time in the future. I can't say that about all comedies!

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