The Terry Fox Story


Biography / Drama / Sport

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October 12, 2020


Matt Craven as Bob Cady
Robert Duvall as Calvin Caspary
Rosalind Chao as Lalu / Polly
Saul Rubinek as Dan Grey - Special Appearance
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justinl- 9 / 10 / 10

Very uplifting and tearjerking

This movie is right up there with Rocky and maybe even more uplifting as it is based on a true story. It is a story of Terry Fox, a young man diagnosed with cancer and forced to give up most of his leg. In the hospital he is horrified at the condition of the young children who are fighting various types of cancer. He decides to raise money by running across Canada. To this day there are Terry Fox races all over Canada to keep raising money for Terry's cause. This movie is out of production but I was able to rent it.

Reviewed by Tito-8 9 / 10 / 10

Well-made biopic of Canadian hero

Due to my age, I can only vaguely remember when Terry Fox was running across Canada, but his story is definitely a legendary one here in my country. This is a solid film that begins with his life immediately before his leg is amputated, but it focuses on the actual "Marathon of Hope". Some of the dialogue seems a little unrealistic at times, and the film often moves at too brisk a pace, but the acting is fairly good, and in spite of the flaws, this is a story that needs to be heard if you are unfamiliar with it. Terry Fox is widely regarded as a great Canadian's your chance to find out why.

Reviewed by playerschoice 9 / 10 / 10

The Terry Fox Story is a very good made for TV movie and will move you

just as Terry did in his short but heroic life. How accurate the movie is I am sure it is quite accurate but have heard of a few inaccuracies compared to the real road trip. I recommend this movie to anyone that loves a beautiful heartwarming true story but be warned as you must know the tears will come just a matter of how many and when.......Makepeace and Duvall do a great job portraying Terry and his publicist with a lot of the inside scenes being somewhat difficult to believe. If you get a chance to watch this made for TV movie you won't regret it one bit, truly a classic in Canadian history. There is a documentary on Terry as well which I will post a review on later.

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