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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johntomccarty 8 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly Good

Saw At Dances With Films and never spent so much time thinking of a film There is no doubt, this is an amazing combination of film meets movie and art meets commerce. It is no ordinary movie. The mood and stories and characters keep building, and when it finally comes down, I feel this immense sense of relief and wonder at how Erik Peter Carlson was able to come up with something so clever and intertwining and wondrous, and was able to pull it off. The cast, as you have probably read, is superb. I have never been so impressed. This film has "restored my faith in the film making industry. To see these actors, crew, and the writer/director/genius at work is inspiring." These people obviously love their craft. The soundtrack, oh, the soundtrack. When listening to the songs, I can picture each exact moment as if I was watching the movie all over again, and it brings unexplainable feeling. Daily Bread and Gliss' songs, especially, are a perfect fit to a perfect story and mood. If you want to see glorious film making, acting, writing, and characters in action, I HIGHLY suggest you see The Toy Soldiers.

Reviewed by hetty007 10 / 10 / 10

Gem of a movie

Once the movie Toy Soldiers marches into your life, it will never march out. It was meant for Erik Peter Carlson to take the journey, and bring this movie to life. The casting choice for Toy Soldiers was excellent. The movie has fresh new faces of young actors and actresses, playing alongside a few seasoned veterans of the business. Together, they portray the rawness and pure emotional characters of teenagers, family and friends, during one particular evening in the 1980s. The movie immensely captivates as you sink into the midst of the story and you can sense with vigor the emotional wounds of the teenagers and their families, the distress, the sadness, the hope and the love. There are no illusions in this movie, as it plays out in depth what happens that one destined evening translating the good and bad encountered by the cast onto the big screen. This movie definitely is worthy of repetitive viewing. I applaud Erik Peter Carlson and the cast of Toy Soldiers on a journey well-traveled together in order to bring about this wonderful original gem for movie fans.

Reviewed by vsvekis 10 / 10 / 10

great direction, outstanding acting

We were fortunate to see the premier at the Chinese Theatre in LA. First and foremost the composition of the film was excruciatingly crisp. There were no "what was that about?" moments. Acting was individually high quality and together created synergy exceeding the sum of the individuals. Further, I could not analyze every actor or actress but in two instances there were flashes of young Gregory Peck and Tom Cruise. That's not a hype but just hit me as I watched certain three second camera pick-ups. I am intrigued if others will see these resemblances when the film is shown to a wide range of audiences. Sound track meshed with the period and film's meaning. I will get the soundtrack when it becomes available. Some will find the film disturbing. Art should have that effect. The greatest compliment to a film is its ability to affect the watcher not through banalities but psychological turmoil. See this film when it is shown in your locality.

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