The Tree of Blood



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July 17, 2020



Álvaro Cervantes as Berasategui
Cindy Robinson as Amaia
Najwa Nimri as Ana / joven-young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agrannytoosoon 8 / 10 / 10

Unique way to relay story

Being accustomed to US movies, I thought this was a good way to present a family story, and a number of love stories. The psychological evolutions were interesting, and there were elements of intrigue. Good story and acting. What more could you want?

Reviewed by xritsantali 10 / 10 / 10

Amazing. Breathtaking.

Yet another great Spanish movie. It provokes you to engage in the storyline emotionally. The plot follows the pace of the events, which just overtake you. Crucial and underestimated subjects are discussed (or not) as secrecy, sacrifice, devotion, sense of duty, decency. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. The amazing thing is, it embraces you to feel and think along the movie. You are allowed to create your own opinion, through your perspective, there are no boundaries, no villains or heroes. Just people following their intuition and feelings. The realism of it, contrasts the surrealism of the events, without the one overshadowing the other. I didn't find it slow. Each character was allowed enough screentime to be understood completely. I admired the metaphors, the symbolism, the use of tradition and its impact on peoples' insticts. That's what European cinematography is about. Amazing movie. Investment of time.

Reviewed by philipedell 10 / 10 / 10

Beautiful and tightly woven epic story

This gripping tale moves with fast intensity to weave a complex story, uncoiling to reveal the details that allow the joining of dots, just as the characters themselves unearth and share the family secrets which create the big picture. Vivid characters are played to the core with operatic emotion in their playful journey of self and mutual discovery. Story, settings, languages and and stunning fiming cover distinct regions of Spain to ultimately unite them in their viscerally connected way. This film is larger than life, totally gripping and needs several rewatches to gather up all the whirlwind strands - a carefully crafted and unique offering.

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