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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by texasredge-95123 3 / 10 / 10

Expected a masterpiece and got a snoozefest

I purchased a copy of this long, boring slow film after talking to a member of the Memphis Grizzlies NBA basketball team (who will remain nameless) on an airplane trip from Denver back to Memphis. He said it was a great film and one that he enjoyed. I thought to myself that someone of his stature has all the time in the world to watch all kinds of movies (during the basketball off season)... I was surprised to hear him speak to me about his passion for war movies and how much he recommended this one..... he must've watched a different movie than I did. this movie started out like it was going to be very good, but then no real story developed. It did have some good aspects such as the dirty and gritty movie set, the realistic lingo and the grueling sounds, and it is very historically accurate... they did that stuff well in this movie. ...the problem with this movie is that it just doesn't develop a story, and it turns into 2 hours of nothing. ...I kept waiting for something to happen ..and it never did. I had to purchase a copy of it because none of the video rental places had a copy to rent... don't buy this movie

Reviewed by simononsolway 2 / 10 / 10

Totally unbelievable.

As a bit of a WW1 enthusiast, I was expecting a depiction of the harsh realities of trench warfare. Sadly I was left disappointed. Almost all the accounts I have ever read from soldiers who fought on the Somme talk about the filth, the stench and the dreadful weather conditions (the Allied advance itself was delayed for three days due to heavy rain). However this film was clearly shot in a nice warm dry studio with the "trench" itself being made of plastic. There was no hint of any weather at all throughout the entire film and no attempt the make it look as though the events depicted had taken place outdoors. Needless to say there was no mud or reference to it, and the plastic "trench" showed no signs of crumbling or shaking under the relentless shellfire of the German shelling. To add to the implausibility of the film, non of the soldiers had anything about them to suggest that they had been living under these conditions for any length of time. We know that it was not uncommon for soldiers to wear the same clothes and boots for weeks at a time without washing or changing, but all the soldiers we saw looked as though they had just walked out of the local hair dressers - perfectly clean styled hair to a man. We also know that lice were a constant problem in the trenches, and infested the uniforms of the soldiers and made daily life a misery. However the film is far too clean and well groomed to feature such things. I know that these are all relatively small historical errors and it is necessary to allow for a little 'artistic license' and I am not the sort of person who would claim a film was ruined because someone had the wrong regimental badge on their cap or something! But it seems that the purpose of the film was to examine the realities of trench warfare and the impact that living in these conditions had on the boys who were sent to fight there. A bit of effort on the part of the writer/director to actually understand his subject would have gone a long way. Even just filming it outside would have made a huge difference to the whole feel of the piece. I really did not enjoy it and actually consider that it played down the enormous sacrifice made by the men whose stories it tried to tell.

Reviewed by pafcollins 2 / 10 / 10

Poor and clichéd fare

I tend to agree with most comments about this film, which I only caught up with recently. The acting is decent, but the script, the set, the anachronistic swearing and the general lack of any feel for the time makes it difficult to watch without sighing heavily. I mainly decided to comment because I scrolled down to find a comment from someone in New York who says this was 'a conventional continuation of the British obsession with World War I as being the most symbolic war'. I wouldn't disagree with that, but she then mentions three films to back up this view: All Quiet on the Western Front (an American film based on a novel by a German, about the German army), Paths of Glory (a film made by an American about the French army) and Gallipoli (made by an Australian about the Australian experience in the Dardanelles). I do think we see this war as symbolic here in the UK, but I don't think we're the only ones.

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