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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 10 / 10 / 10

Wong Jing's assault on Western Pop Culture continues

Wong Jing's latest reunites his two stars from the early nineties with his future stars in this hilarious comedy. Wong not only wrote, produced and directed this gem of a film put he also stars as Fat Dragon Ferrari. Nick Cheung, Suki Kwan, Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng are equally as funny in this spoof on Western pop culture, films and product placements. Nick Cheung stars as the self-titled King of the Undercovers who has been assigned to work undercover to find enough evidence to put Ferrari in prison. Suki Kwan plays his long suffering girlfriend, Sandra Ng plays Suki's sister and Stephen Chow stars as the Tricky Master Wong. This strange film manages to parody Mission Impossible, American Pie, The Matrix, Entrapment and the God of Gamblers series. He also takes a stab at Viagra, product placements and the porn industry in Japan. If you're a Wong Jing fan or Stephen Chow fan then this movie is right up your alley. It was great to see Wong Jing back acting and reworking his old chemistry with his older stars and showcasing his future stars in the process. Mr. Wong has been contemplating retirement for awhile. But if he continues to make films like this one then I would like him to reconsider. It seems like he is the only director that could successfully parody Hollywood movies and make them funny instead of tired, rushed, and poor executed puns. Here's to Wong Jing and his continued success against the Hollywood machine!!! Highly recommended.

Reviewed by cristom3 10 / 10 / 10

visceral piece of Chow!

IMHO stephen chow was on his A game when he put this film out. sure it may not have the amazing high production effects of films like Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle, but Tricky Master is a great tongue in cheek presentation on popular Asian cinema. the parodies of Ringu and A man called Hero are great examples of the combination of 'in' jokes and also aesthetic humor. humor is not all about spectacle, as 'Hustle' leads you to believe. 'Tricky Master' tips its hand towards more script-oriented jokes and a lovable storyline which follows an amazing comedy duo. the best piece of his (Jing's) thus far. the film really kicks into high gear at the get go when it lets you into the prison environment and gets you up to speed with Chow. and as lovable as he is, you almost forget that the movie has to come back to him as it follows the lead through his problematic life. there are very entertaining montages, great spoofs, and above all - amazing physical comedy.

Reviewed by hasanlucky13 10 / 10 / 10

A Great Movie

This is an excellent movie. The previous reviewer, though i respect his opinion is unaware that this movie is the equivalent to Scary movie series. It takes the mick out of other Chinese movies made in hong Kong. If you do not watch other Chinese movies, specially the action and drama ones, you will not understand this movie at all. if u really want to appreciate this work, watch God of Gamblers (made in 1989) and some Bruce Lee movies. u will start liking this movie. god of Gamblers is a great movie on its on, Chun Yau Fat is in it (worked in Crouching tiger hidden dragon). Stephen chow is a great actor and all his movies (with the exception of King of Comedy) are amazing.

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