The Trouble with Angels


Comedy / Family

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Hayley Mills as Jenny Piper
Madge Blake as Exasperated Lady on Train
Mary Wickes as Mrs. Squires
Rosalind Russell as Rosemary, the School Teacher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phillindholm 9 / 10 / 10

"The Devil's Agents"

"The Trouble With Angels" is truly a gem. Ostensibly a comedy about the efforts of two slightly disgruntled, high spirited teenage girls (Hayley Mills and June Harding) to turn a convent school upside down, it combines lighthearted pranks with dry humor, most of the latter supplied by the splendid Rosalind Russell. As the worldly and wise Mother Superior, Rosalind is both amused and unsettled at the stunts her two incorrigible charges pull. The supporting cast is well chosen, with Mary Wickes ("Sister Act") and Marge Redmond ("The Flying Nun") standing out among the faculty nuns. Despite the unexpected appearance of legendary stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, cast as (what else?) a teacher of interpretive dance, both nuns and students are believable. Mills sparkles in her role as devilish Mary Clancy, as does June Harding as Rachel Devery, her neophyte partner in crime. Aided tremendously by a truly beautiful score by the great Jerry Goldsmith, (which has the remarkable ability to blend in with the film AND stand alone as a pleasurable listening experience) and directed with a sure hand by actress/director Ida Lupino, "The Trouble With Angels" is both funny and moving, one of the best family films ever made. Strangely enough, reviews were decidedly mixed (when not downright negative) back when the movie was released in 1966. But it was a sizable hit, and spawned an agreeable sequel ("Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows") two years later. Today, it remains as fresh as ever, and head and shoulders above most of the contemporary family films which followed it.

Reviewed by sultana-1 10 / 10 / 10

My favorite "personal" film of all time.

There is more TRUTH in this honest and extremely funny movie about two young hellfires coming of age in a convent school than in all the subsequent expose-type movies, like Monsignor, purporting to reveal the truth behind the hypocracies (admittedly there, but extremely exaggerated) of the Catholic church. Having spent 9 years in female-only Catholic school, I must report that this movie strikes not a single false chord. The movie, instead, accurately portrays nicely the relationship a Catholic feels with God. The girls are rebellious, defiant, and a bit hyperactive, very reminiscent of my own restless youth. The nuns are equally real, reflecting exasperation and frustration when appropriate, but always within proper boundaries. One amazing thing about this film is the seamless transitions it constantly makes from drama and comedy and back again. Even the physical humor, while screamingly funny, is always contained within real situations. Moments with Rosalind Russell, Camilla Sparv, Marge Redmond, and Marge Redmond are filled with extraordinarily real emotions, and the last 20 minutes seamlessly weaves the serious and the comic into a truthful pastiche which is respectful without ever being preachy, and infused with a heavy dose of Russell's unique personality. Don't miss the opportunity to share this timeless classic with your daughters!

Reviewed by Petunia-2 10 / 10 / 10

Mills & Russell Shine

Hayley Mills & Rosalind Russell truly shine in the only accurate portrayal of Catholicism I have ever seen on film. With the popularity of Catholic bashing by today's filmmakers, if this film were remade today, there would be lesbian overtones in the nuns' relationships with each other or the girls would be running off to have sex. Thank "God" none of that is here; I recently rented this movie and my two girls, ages 15 and 8, were glued. The movie is timeless, despite its 60's setting. After attending Catholic school 12 years, the movie brought back many memories. Yes, we did pranks in our high school - the rigid curriculum leaves a girl no choice. But who can top the ones played by Mary (Mills) and Rachel (June Harding, who succeeds in stealing a few scenes of her own from Mills and Russell)? From spooning bubble bath powder into the sugar bowls before the nuns have tea, to sneaking cigars in the basement where the billowing smoke is seen by an aged nun who calls for the fire department's help, each of Mills "scathingly brilliant ideas" is hilarious. The movie portrayed nicely the relationship a Catholic feels with God. Totaaly unaware that she is doing so, Mills becomes greatly affected by the lessons Russell, who plays Mother Superior and Dean of Students, is trying to instill in her. To Mills' puzzlement, she is much like Mother Superior, both having been orphans for starters. Mills' defiance is a result of living with a playboy uncle who pays her tuition but does not pay her attention. But mothers is you are looking for a film that is nice but just a little naughty to keep your daughters interested, this is the one to rent! And they just might learn a little about themselves, too.

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