The Truth

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zekigiritli 8 / 10 / 10

Definitely deserves a better score

6,3 is a little bit mean for this film. At least the acting is wonderful. Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche have very successful performances. The subtle humor through the film makes it more lively. The plot is not super innovative but it is still interesting to see the dilemmas of an actress.

Reviewed by holly-4ever 8 / 10 / 10

Deneuve Is Magnificent

This film is not what one may expect. Trailers leave one to think it's dramatic, but it's mostly a dramedy (comedy/drama), leaning more towards comedy. Deneuve has impeccable comedic timing, and it's a surprising side of her that many don't get to see in her numerous other films. Some reviews describe her character, Fabienne, as a narcissist, but those are clearly people who don't know what true narcissists are like. One can say that Fabienne is somewhat self-absorbed, though given that she's an actress, she is rather self-aware and not as selfish as one would expect (if you know the entertainment industry). Binoche and Deneuve have excellent chemistry on screen, and the difficulty in their relationship plays off well: both stylistically and emotionally. The film is a gentle view of a mother-daughter relationship that has been built on misunderstandings from two people who are quite different in their approach to the world around them. There are many laughs, but a few tears, awaiting the audience. It's one of Deneuve's best roles in a few years and she gives it her all. Binoche provides the more tangible emotions of the film, but don't let Fabienne (Deneuve) fool you into thinking she doesn't care or feel much at all. And that is the Truth.

Reviewed by jamesmoule 8 / 10 / 10

Truth or Dare?

Fabienne, an ageing French film star (Catherine Deneuve) has written an autobiography which disappoints her colleagues and puzzles her screen-writer daughter (Juliette Binoche). It appears to be a work of fiction "based on a true story". (Think "The Moon's a Balloon" by David Niven). But what is "the truth"? Is it how we remember the past or is it immutable? As Rudi Giuliani would say "Truth isn't true"? There isn't much plot development but the character depth is wonderfully exposed. Who was loyal? Who was faithful? The acting is outstanding, as one would expect, seeing the cast list. Particularly impressive is the bilingual dialogue, especially from Binoche who seems to speak both English and French as a native. Also outstanding is the child actress playing Binoche's daughter. This is a thought-provoking work, a tour de force by mature (and junior) professionals.

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