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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kryptonarie-01794 4 / 10 / 10

C movie

The Unborn is a ghost/creature feature. The acting isn't bad, the set is dark, but also not too bad, but the story, it's bad! There is no plot, no reason why what had happened is happing again? The story has no point and no guts - pun intended! A little history or back story could've helped this film greatly. Also the ending was way too predictable! All and all I've seen a lot worse, but that still doesn't help this movie in any way.

Reviewed by claudio57 3 / 10 / 10


Just horrible how do these movies get financed??I could use that money

Reviewed by nebk 3 / 10 / 10

Good to Snooze To

The Unborn is a cheap and relatively boring horror film. It is about a security guard called Tiffany who prior to going to work guarding a building about to be demolished finds out that she is 8 weeks pregnant. She is not happy about this and doesn't manage to tell the father who works in management at the same location. Soon she and her coworker Joey are the only two people left in the building. Or are they? The acting is below par for the most part and the movie relies on cliched tropes like a clapping monkey doll, creepy mannequins, jump scares, ghost children, creaking doors and drawn out scenes with ominous music and annoying lullabies. Some of the characters have a tendency to break into song in order to alleviate the boredom of their jobs doing final checks before the demolition crews move in next day to bring the building down. The viewers might unfortunately do the same. Sing to alleviate boredom that is, not demolish buildings. Although that might depend on how much you enjoy the movie or not. The movie excluding the end credits is just about an hour long but it feels like its drawn out. Overall not a great movie that should be avoided unless you want to use it to fall asleep to.

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