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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EVOL666 7 / 10 / 10

Solid CATIII Film - Though Not Nearly On The Same Level As The Original...

For fans of the original UNTOLD STORY hoping for a worthy follow-up to that landmark CATIII sickie - the UNTOLD STORY 2 will more than likely be a disappointment. Those that can judge it on it's own merits as a "stand-alone" film may get more out of it. The storyline follows Cheung, a geeky and timid restaurant owner whose wife, Kuen, cheats on him. When Kuen's cousin Fung comes to town, things get hairy when Cheung begins an affair with her. Turns out that Fung is a bit of a whackadoo, and decides that she will do anything necessary to keep Cheung all to herself... Obviously, THE UNTOLD STORY 2 was made simply to cash in on the success and notoriety of the original film - but it definitely can't hold a candle to its predecessor. There's a passable amount of nudity, and some gore, but not nearly as strong or memorable as some of the more notable scenes in the original. That said, this is still a pretty solid CATIII film, which actually surprises me a bit because I was expecting it to REALLY blow. Overall, the performances are solid by all involved, and genre favorite Anthony Wong has a supporting role as a cop who is friends with Cheung and his family, but starts getting suspicious when odd things begin happening around the restaurant. There is some of the humor present that was also noticeable in the original, but it isn't quite as overdone as in the first film, which is a good thing. Definitely recommended to the CATIII enthusiast - but again, just don't expect anything as exceptional as the original...7/10

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10 / 10

A weak Cat III sequel.

Anthony Wong, the star of classic Cat III shocker The Untold Story, returns for this sequel, only this time he's on the right side of the law as police detective Lazyboots, whose intuition tells him that there is something afoot at his local barbecue eatery. He's not wrong... Meek restaurant owner Cheung (Emotion Cheung) turns a blind eye to the behaviour of his unfaithful wife Kuen (Fan Yeung), who he is no longer able to satisfy in bed. But when Kuen's attractive cousin Fung (Paulyn Sun) comes to visit, his libido returns and he begins an affair with the woman. Fung, however, is deranged and wants Cheung all to herself, so she takes a knife and stabs Kuen, much to Cheung's horror. Then, to dispose of the body, she cuts it into pieces and convinces Cheung to roast it and sell it in his shop. When Cheung eventually cracks, wanting to go to the police, Fung nails his hands to the bed. Lazyboots' investigation ultimately leads to him being attacked by Fung, first shot with his own gun (which he absent-mindedly left in the restaurant), then scalded on the arm with boiling water, and finally threatened with an electric carving knife. Eventually, he gets the upper hand and puts several bullets in the crazy bitch! Those expecting a harrowing experience like the first film will be sorely disappointed: The Untold Story 2 is nowhere near as gruelling or as graphic as the original movie, with only the dismemberment of Kuen's body delivering any gore (we see a couple of severed body parts hit the floor as Fung gets busy with her knife). For the most part this is fairly forgettable stuff, occasionally enlivened by some sex and nudity, Kuen playing with herself at night before trying to mount her disinterested hubby, and Fung washing herself in the shower. As a sequel to one of the most notorious Cat III movies, it can only be deemed a disappointment.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

On par with the first

THE UNTOLD STORY 2 is an unconnected sequel to the notorious Category III thriller. Anthony Wong returns but it's a new case and this time around he's playing the jovial hero of the piece, a cop full of the quirky mannerisms that Wong always brings to his roles. The setting is once again a butcher's/restaurant, where a female newcomer's presence spells havoc for the lives of the maladjusted characters living there. I enjoyed the gender twist here and the general format of the movie, which feels very much like it belongs to the psycho-thriller genre popular in Hollywood in the early 1990s. The action is kept small scale, but the events depicted are unsurprisingly graphic, with the emphasis on explicit sex scenes this time around. There are still some grisly moments but the film lacks the grotesque edge of its predecessor, although quality-wise I found it on par with the first.

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