The Vampire


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Coleen Gray as Ann Sebastian
Dabbs Greer as Movie Set Engineer
Kenneth Tobey as Lieutenant Herly
Paul Brinegar as Tom Jefferson Jeffrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by babeth_jr 6 / 10 / 10

Interesting Twist to the Vampire Story...

This obscure 1957 horror movie has been overlooked as far as I am concerned. It has an interesting twist to the "man turns into bloodsucking monster" premise. John Beal plays a kindly small town doctor who turns into a vampire after accidentally ingesting pills that a deceased scientist had invented and had been experimenting on with vampire bats (the winged variety!) before he died. 1950's horror stalwart Kenneth Tobey portrays the granite-jawed town detective who is investigating a sudden rash of mysterious deaths in the town. Colleen Gray is the requisite pretty love interest/possible victim. Although the vampire make up is pretty hilarious and not at all scary, there are some scary moments in the movie and all in all shouldn't be missed, especially if you are a lover of the old "drive-in" horror movies of the 1950's.

Reviewed by rosscinema 8 / 10 / 10

Not bad little film

Typical little 50's horror film that I found a little talky and the premise a little far fetched. John Beal is fine as the doctor who turns into a vampire. The main complaint I have towards this film is that is it really a vampire? He's more like a beast or a neanderthal. But I guess thats the films unique interpretation of what a vampire would be like. The cast is great! Kenneth Tobey from "The Thing" and Coleen Gray from "The Wasp Woman". And of course Dabbs Greer who has been in countless roles. What a consummate character actor he is. The most gruesome scene in the film is when the vampire stuffs Greer in the furnace and his legs dangling out. Tobey as a cop really is not the smartest police officer portrayed on film but Gray is pretty sexy. This certainly is not a classic horror film but its adequately made with a terrific cast and does have some genuine moments in it.

Reviewed by Handlinghandel 8 / 10 / 10

A Fine Performance Elevates a Low-Budget Picture

John Beal seems genuinely agonized in the title role. He is a well liked small-town doctor, who has got hold accidentally of pills that -- don't ask! -- turn him into a vampire. This is crisply filmed and Beal shows the pain of a decent man who knows something is wrong and suspects something is very wrong with himself. I wonder if this was strictly a drive-in movie or if anyone at the time recognized its merits.

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