The Victorville Massacre


Comedy / Horror / Mystery

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Tony Cavalero as Young Lane's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gregnorman2000-115-488321 6 / 10 / 10

it was ok

Not a real blockbuster and did have some decent horror scenes.there was supposed to be some funny stuff in this but was having a hard time seeing that.the cast was really good with a decent script still could have been bit more crazier and still worth a look at.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters / 10


It you need a slasher film for Labor Day, you might want to start the "Halloween" series early instead. In the small town of Victorville, there is a serial killer. There appears to be a connection among victims whose homes were repossessed. Nine college kids goes to Matt's (Kevin Brown) house in Victorville to party over Labor Day weekend. Matt loves Lisa (Jen Nikolaus) whose boyfriend is Andrew (Hiram Xavier Gonzalez) who is seeing Mary (Briana Baker). Stephanie (Sonja O'Hara) is coming along, who attracts boys. The kids play "Truth or Dare" because that is what they do in horror movies to undress the girls...which didn't happen. Without a lot of suspects, Scooby-Doo, the film does what it can to give us a twist to the who-dun-it aspect, unfortunately that twist has been done and better. The acting at times wasn't half bad. Unfortunately the film also boasts bad actors, especially the police chief (Frank Piciullo). The plot was bland and we got flashback character details after a character was killed. The soundtrack (Austin Creek) was a plus which reminded me of NIN. The film claims to be 90 minutes on the DVD cover, but in reality clocks in at 73 minutes. I felt my life was refunded 17 minutes. Low end slasher rental at best. Parental Guide: F-bomb. Near sex. No nudity. Sonja in a bikini.

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