The Vigil


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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December 13, 2020



Dave Davis as Yakov Ronen
Fred Melamed as Dr. Kohlberg
Lynn Cohen as Mrs. Litvak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by borgolarici 5 / 10 / 10

Original but unsatisfying

The premise was interesting: there's a demon that att he himself to traumatised people, in this case victims of antisemitism. This particular demons has to exorcised following a special Jewish rite. Sadly, the movie doesn't really explore this aspect and it's mostly a slow burn with a lot of jump scares and not much backstory. The ending doesn't fully explain the situation imho and it's up to interpretation.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 1 / 10 / 10

Atmospheric take on Jewish occult mysticism.

I will admit to feeling just a little uneasy as I walked back to the car after watching this debut from Keith Thomas at 11pm. Dave Davis is "Yakov" who is a bit down on his luck, on some pretty heavy medication, and struggling to get back on track after a fairly traumatic event from his past. A rabbi asks him if will act as a "Shomer" - a person who sits with the deceased to recite prayers and generally ward off any evil before burial. As he watches over the body, the usual spooky things start to happen - lights flicker; things go bump etc; and on that score it's all a pretty routine horror flick; but as his fears start to build, he begins to confront his own demons as much as he must the predatory "Mazzik" that feeds from his fears. Save for a few short appearances from the widow - Lynn Cohen, it's essentially a single-hander and Davis does an OK job - aided by the drearily-lit room and some suitably tense - if frequently over-the-top musical accompaniment. It's not exactly scary - but it's still a decent effort based on a source of legend rarely exploited by Hollywood. Best seen late at night when it's dark outside, I'd say...

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 / 10 / 10

horrible, trash

The poster for this home made flick is probably the movie's makers' biggest expense. I got fooled again. Don't bother.

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