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Horror / Sci-Fi

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Franco Nero as Dr. Cornelius Van Morgen
Glenn Ford as Frank Warren
Lance Henriksen as Frank Martin
Shelley Winters as Mrs. Armstrong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by therex-27410 10 / 10 / 10

Flawless Movie, 10/10

Just watched Space-God go on an urban adventure to find surly kid Space-Satan for the sole purpose of shaving her head. Shit was jokes, better special effects than 9/11, would watch again.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10 / 10

The city of Atlanta may want to take this title off its resume...

Italian-American co-production (filmed in both Rome, Italy and Atlanta, Georgia!) is a too-fancy, strenuously arty supernatural thriller with echoes of both "The Exorcist" and "The Omen", featuring a faintly-bemused star cast who, in the words of co-star Lance Henriksen, signed on merely "to get a free trip to Rome." Cherubic pre-teen girl with psychic powers--into gymnastics, ice-skating and shooting her own mother at a birthday party--could be just one of many evil children produced by an ancient alien force waiting for its chance to wreak terror upon the world. Even for those who are able to follow the murky preamble, it may be difficult to ascertain who is good and who is rotten in this picture. The child's mother, now paralyzed, is dating the owner of a professional basketball team who appears to be part of a secret Satanic sect; they want him to impregnate the woman with a male child to mate with her daughter, thereby resurrecting the evil force in human form...but what if she got pregnant with another girl? Calling Dr. Spock! John Huston (sly and crafty as ever, even in these chaotic circumstances) plays some kind of disciple sent to Earth to monitor the girl's actions (at one point posing as her babysitter!). There's also a maid (Shelley Winters), sent by "the agency", who dresses all in black; a detective (Glenn Ford) who investigates mom's "accident" and is attacked by a maniacal bird; and mom's ex-husband (Sam Peckinpah!) who aborts her unwanted fetus. A misbegotten venture, ludicrous and at times laughable, though one must give credit to director Michael J. Paradise (aka Giulio Paradisi): it certainly isn't boring. *1/2 from ****

Reviewed by Sam Panico 6 / 10 / 10

Pure strange

In 2013, when the Alamo Drafthouse presented the uncut version of this film for the first time in the United States, they referred to it as an "unforgettable assault on reality." Those words best describe what is otherwise an indescribable film. But I'm going to try. Maybe a recipe will help. Take Chariots of the Gods, and some of Rosemary's Mary, then a little bit of The Omen, throw it in a blender and then pour the whole thing down the sink. No? Maybe a synopsis. We start in Heaven, or somewhere very much like it, where Franco Nero (the original Django) is one of those space gods that Däniken wrote about. He tells the bald children who surround him that there was once a war between two aliens, one good and one bad. The bad one — who is either called Sateen or Zathaar — was defeated, but not before he slept with a whole bunch of Earthwomen. Cue the Book of Enoch in the Lost Books of the Bible. Or cue the Scientology myth of Lord Xenu. Or Xemu, because he has two different spellings, too. Only one child is left — a young girl — and a vast conspiracy wants her mother to have another child — a brother this time — so they can mate. The Christ figure sends John Huston — yes, the director of The Maltese Falcon and The African Queen — and the bald children to a rooftop somewhere in Atlanta to stop this plot. To do that, the children become adult bad men and dance around a lot while Huston walks up and down the stairs to triumphant music. If you think I'm making that last sentence up, you've never been blessed with this movie. Read more at

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