The Warriors


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David Patrick Kelly as Earl Giddens
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Michael Beck as Henry Haynes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 9 / 10 / 10

Patrick Kelly, the best soft-spoken killer since Andy Robinson in "Dirty Harry."

A gang called the 'Warriors,' exhibits qualities characteristic of classical heroes: gallantry, self-pride, loyalty, discipline, and most of all, the ability to fight... It is night in New York city... Nine leather-vested members of this small bunch, board a subway leaving their Coney Island turf and travel to Van Cortland Park in The Bronx... The 'Warriors' are only one of many in New York street gangs who have sent representatives to a unification meeting called by Cyrus (Roger Hill), the lord of the largest and most powerful gang in the city, the Gramercy Riffs—a black gang all in their silk pajamas and Kung Fu shirts... Cyrus speaks to the huge gathering, explaining that all the gangs must unite, that together they outnumber the police three to one, that together they can consolidate forces and rule the city... There is wild cheering... And suddenly, out of no where, a mean, small-minded person pulls his gun and shoots to kill... The cowardly little guy of the Rogues quickly yells out that is was Cleon (Dorsey Wright), the Warriors' chief, who killed the legendary leader... In the confusion, and while the police crowds into the park and the congregated gangs flee, Cleon 'get busted' by those who think he murdered Cyrus... Without their leader, the Warriors 'got to stick together, and fight-to-survive.' They attempt to make the long hazardous journey to Coney Island hunted by every gang and cop... Swan (Michael Beck), the cool headed 'war chief,' assumes command... Of his followers only Ajax (James Remar) gives him trouble... Their perilous journey home is filled with considerable amount of risks as they face violent encounters with different gangs in many shapes and colors... 'The Warriors' is a film that will make most viewers cringe at times, but you'll forgive the shortcomings and praise the exciting camera-work, the excellent use of music, and the good performance of David Patrick Kelly, the best soft-spoken killer since Andy Robinson in "Dirty Harry." The great moment in the movie is when Patrick Kelly, clicking together three soda bottles, coaxes the Warriors out of hiding by whining over and over, "Warriors, come out and play!"

Reviewed by xfuneralofheartsx 9 / 10 / 10

a classic in it's own right

I'll admit the first time I saw this, I didn't see what the big deal was. I thought parts were dragged out, unneeded, and didn't make any sense. I decided to give it a second chance, and it instantly became one of my favorite movies. The Warriors tells the tale of a "futuristic" New York City, in which, it seems, everyone is either associated with a gang, a cop, or just in the way. The Riffs, the largest gang in the city, calls for a meeting, consisting of 9 representatives from each gang, and each member to be unarmed. During this meeting, Cyrus, the leader of the Riffs, tells his plan of a unified gang which would run the city and outnumber the cops. During his speech, Luther, a member of the Rogues, shoots Cyrus after sneaking a gun into the meeting. Questions arise as to who did it, which the finger being pointed at the Warriors. From here on out, the Warriors are on their own as they must travel from the Bronx to Coney Island by any means necessary, traveling by train and by foot, through other gang territory. Now a days, the violence in the movie may not effect some, but seeing as how it was made in 1979, I can see where the controversy comes from. As the movie goes on, you will start cheering for the Warriors and anticipating what will happen next. The use of (then) unknown actors helps you get into the story a little bit more, as you realize these could be everyday people and not big-name, big-budget Hollywood actors. Looking back, I realized how much the meeting was an allegory for the Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream" speech. From the vision of a unified group to the assassination and even after wards, when the Warriors are saying what a great man and leader Cyrus would have been. If you enjoy the movie, or want to understand it more, I highly recommend the Warriors video game, produced by Rockstar. It runs (almost) alongside the movie, but also provides a steady back story or how the Warriors was started and how each member came to be. An added bonus of the game is some of the major actors return to provide voices for their characters, such as Swan, Ajax and Cleon. It is also interesting to see (if you watch the movie before playing the game), how well the clips from the movie translate into the game. Many of the key scenes look like they are taken straight from the movie, like the meeting and the introduction of all of the Warriors in the beginning. Again, I highly recommend this movie for anyone who likes cult movies, as this is a major one. Even if you don't like cult movies, I recommend it for the strong messages it sends.

Reviewed by bsinc 9 / 10 / 10


Wow, I haven't been this amazed in a very long time. Where was I living all this time that not once did I hear anything about this movie. "The Warriors" is one of the best moves of the 70's and it definitely deserves more recognition than it apparently has. There isn't a single thing in this movie that disappoints, on the contrary, everything in it is brilliant. The acting, the very cool costumes, the amazing photography, the great adrenaline music, the fight sequences, the minimalistic plot, and of course the memorable one liners. From the moment it starts "The Warriors" just never loses its fast pace and we're not able to rest until the end. There are very few movies I wish would have last longer, there are even fewer that ended perfectly and "The Warriors" is one of them. If people though "Taxi Driver" was controversial they probably didn't see this movie. Cop bashing, interracial skinhead gangs, pretty girls that put out on every other corner; man, I'm not the least bit surprised that people wanted to imitate the Warriors. I felt like it today and I thought I was past that faze. All the praise to Walter Hill for helping make one of the best movies I've ever seen. The photography, that can only be surpassed by individuals the kinds of Kubrick and the shere minimalism of just about everything, even the deserted streets of New York, have never been more powerful. This is cult at its best. 9/10

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