The Way of the Dragon

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Bruce Lee as Tang Lung / Dragon
Chuck Norris as Sheriff Dan Stevens
Nora Miao as Tang Pin-Er
Robert Wall as Bob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hilaryswank2011 10 / 10 / 10

Bruce Lee's best film shows humorous personality of Lee himself

The Cantonese title Maang5 Lung5 Gwo3 Gong1 (Dir. Bruce Lee; 1972) is aesthetically fully controlled by the leading actor Bruce Lee (1940-73) himself, and it's the largest box office hit in Hong Kong among all Bruce Lee action martial arts films. Although his actually completed Hong Kong films of 1970s are only four films such as The Big Boss (1971); Fist of Fury (1972); Way of the Dragon (1972) and Enter the Dragon (1973). His featured films formed the 1970s' Hong Kong Martial Arts Kung Fu movie genre wave after the 1960s' Shaw Brothers Studio's Mandarine Costume Play Martial Arts films of King Fu and Chang Cheh. The best Hong Kong producer Raymond Chaw (1927-2018) found the best leading form and style of filmmaking of that era. It made Hong Kong film an international brand in this field. He said 'his aim of filmmaking is to entertain people' at Tokyo International Film Festival in 2012 I directly heard of his message to audience out there. Art film was not his concern. I perfectly agree with him. And Akira Kurosawa and Zatoichi series influenced their martial arts genre films, and then they developed it to more supernaturally exaggerated complex wired actions, actual martial arts-skill based actors and brutally realistic tendency of tragedy. As the result, they actually exceeded Japan cinema in terms of visual appearance. The extremely super realistic actions and extremely realistic reactions are aesthetic tendency of Hong Kong filmmakers on how they absorb other cultural background film practices. This degree of freedom of form and style on cinematic expression is quite attractive for anyone even under the highly individualist-capitalist ideology. This film tale established the comically organised Kung Fu action film genre for the later generations. Bruce Lee actually played a cool protagonist who only mechanically beats antagonists for bloody revenge in several films without this one. The never settle down protagonist, a bumpkin Tang Lung saves Italian Restaurant owner Chen Ching-hua from land property-sharks and their employed Karate champ Colt played by Chuck Norris(1940-). This film was not Chuck Norris's debut film at all. The Wrecking Crew (1968) was Chuck Norris' film debut as a uncredited role in fact. His best one is also this film in terms of fighting sequence at Colosseum. In fact, they did not play any actual Kung Fu fight out there, that was dealt by studio shooting separately. The opening sequence typically shows new genre style and Bruce Lee's comical acting taste while Tang Lung waiting for the arrival of Chen Ching-hua at the airport. He's totally disoriented on the lobby, at the foreign restaurant when he interacts with Italians in different ages and occupations. It established his comical personality as an ordinary people. It something attracts audiences psychologically. Besides this, Bruce Lee's role Tang Lung intends to avoid killing anyone during all fight scenes in this film. This psychological tendency is obviously expressed in his acting and facial performance even after he kills Colt who refuses his mercy during the Colosseum battle. Viewing Bruce Lee film at Hong Kong cinema is a special cinematic experience for fans and professionals. I actually enjoyed the 2015 remastered Blu Ray version of this film screening at cinema. Only one con is that cinematography failed to keep control on its depth of focus, a focus puller issue is severe during viewing of shots of this film. I don't think Tadashi Nishimoto did a professional cinematography for this film. Focus flaws are pretty obvious and it makes restoration harder than classical silent films which professionally dealt their depth of focus. Focus issue can not be improved by post production. In conclusion, this film is not only the best film of Bruce Lee for his wife and loyal fans in terms of aesthetically full control by Bruce himself, but also it established the comedy Kung Fu action genre for Hong Kong filmmaking and the next generations. It showed Bruce Lee's comical and humanistic personality in the leading role for the first time. Made his role more humane, more attractive like Jackie Chan (1954-).

Reviewed by rambofan4life 10 / 10 / 10

Simply the best Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris martial arts film ever in the history my second personal Bruce Lee favorite film

Seriously one of the best martial arts kung fu films of all time mostly because of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. This is a beautiful film, well choreographed, I love Bruce Lee's character so much Tang Lung. He smiles, he doesn't kill anyone in the movie. He uses darts against his opponents, but refuse to kill. He uses sticks, bo and nunchakus in self defense against Italian mobsters. It was great directed by Bruce Lee the legend him self. He loved Rome in Italy he loved the places the locations, so he decide to shoot the film in Italy. The Way of the Dragon or Return of the Dragon it is one of the best of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee discovered Chuck Norris talent and made him in to a star. The dubbing about this movie isn't that great, it was horrible dubbed, but I watch it anyway. This was really my third Bruce Lee movie I saw a s kid. I did not like Fist of Fury or The Chinese Connection (1972) before this movie come out. I thought that movie was way too violent, I thought Bruce Lee character's was more aggressive bully who just wanted to proof something. That's why I like Jet Li's Fist of Legend (1994) remake I liked Jet Li's character more. Return of the Dragon is Bruce Lee's best film along with Enter the Dragon my number 1 of Bruce Lee will always be Enter the Dragon while Return of the Dragon is the second favorite film of mine. Those 2 are the best that Bruce Lee ever did. I love the legend he is the best martial arts kung fu expert ever. He was teaching his class mates for free. No one does that, I had to pay my classes in karate. And my teacher was upset and angry at me, because I did not pay his teaching classes I didn't know that time, I had to pay them I was just a teen. The best of the film is the showdown between Chuck and Bruce Lee it was in coliseum. Well choreographed from Bruce and well directed, the fight was for real which I love in the film. Nora Miao as Chen Ching Hua was excellent as Bruce Lee's cousin I like her, she was better than most of the actresses today. The movie is about a martial arts expert who visits his relatives at their restaurant in Italy and has to help them defend against brutal gangsters harassing them. The music score is excellent. The fights a real and very realistic, no CGI or wires effects. Bruce Lee's character is decent better than he was in The Big Boss or The Chinese Connection in which his character kills people. In this movie beside Chuck, Bruce Lee doesn't kill anyone. It was excellent acted from everyone. It was Bruce's first movie as the director and of course the setting was in Italy in coliseum the fight was set there and it was awesome. This movie made Chuck Norris in to an action star. Bruce Lee was the reason Chuck come in to the movies. This one is one of my favorite Chuck Norris films. I got this movie on DVD and I own it on the DVD. 10/10 I would have give an 11 but you can only score to 10

Reviewed by InzyWimzy 10 / 10 / 10

Bruce Lee at his best

Movement #4...dragon seeks path. That one scene sets the whole film for me. I will definitely say I really love this film. No matter how many countless times I've seen it ever since I was a kid watching it on the Big Apple movie (old skool!!). This movie introduced me to kung fu and the legend Bruce Lee. His character is very interesting in this one, because he's a stranger in another land (Rome). The people he's supposed to help don't even trust him (hilarious scenes of awkwardness between Bruce and Miss Chen). Ha Goon plays a great comic relief (CHINESE BOXING!). Although the movie takes a dark turn, there are many moments of laughs. I will never forget that you can't order "chinese spare ribs". For the action, Bruce dominates as he takes on a whole gang of thugs using everything from fists and kicks to darts, a pole, and of course his awesome nunchuk scene (MOMMA MIA!!). I love the sound effects when Bruce hits his opponents and the WOOSH sound is great!! His training scenes show that Bruce Lee had 0% body fat and is good motivation for working out. The finale between he and Chuck is a classic kung fu moment. Great shots before the fight including the cat too!! This is a great film. Another example of a great martial artist.

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