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Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois
Chris Rock as Mays Gilliam
Steve Buscemi as Les Galantine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lulu_bug-48133 8 / 10 / 10

Relatable and funny!

I wouldn't call myself an Adam Sandler fan, especially after his stereotypical Netflix flick about Native Americans and his annoying childish humor. But I found this movie to be relatable and funny because, really who hasn't stressed out when the whole family comes over for a celebration! It was hectic, in a good way and I'm glad people were chill in the movie. It couldn't easily gone south, but it was endearing and a funny slapstick comedy! C'mon can't go wrong with that!

Reviewed by janerosslj 7 / 10 / 10

I don't understand!

I was excited to see this new on Netflix. One word I have to describe this movie: RANDOM! None of this makes sense! You keep watching, hoping it gets better but it dosent! Do yourself a favour and don't watch this! Just because it has Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in it, dosent mean it will be good!

Reviewed by cartney14 7 / 10 / 10

Why so hard on this movie?

Yes, this movie is no great writing blockbuster but it is what it is supposed to be. A whole hearted funny Adam sander movie that will make you laugh and feel good at the end. People need to stop thinking they are professional movie critics and just have a few laughs for a couple hours. Lighten up people!

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