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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Galina_movie_fan 9 / 10 / 10

A moving, life-confirming, and soulful comedy

It is a very interesting and compelling film that on the surface seems to be one of the most boring ever made. "Wind Will Carry Us" tells the story of Behzad, the documentary director, who travels with his crew from Tehran to the tiny remote village of Siah Dareh where they hope to document an ancient funeral ritual. While there, all they can do is wait for an old lady to die and to hope that it would happen sooner than later. The lady does not seem to hurry to meet her Creator. Nothing much happens with the exception of waiting and repetitions of the same conversations on the cell phone with the constant interruption of calls but the honest and poetic celebration of the world around us shines through every frame of this ode to joy of life. One of my friends, who had recommended the movie to me, suggested that it should not be over- aestheticized and I totally agree. The film's serious political and social metaphors and overtones are undeniable but in its core, it is a moving, life-confirming, and soulful comedy. Watching my first Abbas Kiarastami's movie was a very rewarding experience.

Reviewed by zetes 10 / 10 / 10

Beautiful, enigmatic, and haunting masterwork from one of today's leading filmmakers

SPOILERS. A man (Behzad Dourani) comes to a rural town with his crew to document the bizarre funeral ceremony of the locals. He has heard that an old woman is about three days from death. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), the woman keeps getting better, keeping Dourani and his crew stuck there. The person who is funding him pesters him constantly by calling his cell phone. Since he can only get the signal when on the highest point of the area, he must jump in his car and race to the top of a hill. There's a nice strain of black humor running through the movie. Dourani obviously can't kill the woman, but when a young boy tells him about the purpose of some bowls of soup the locals are offering her – if she eats the soup you made, you get your wish – we can almost hear him thinking what his wish would be. The comedy shifts to philosophy in the second half of the picture, where the nature of life and its relationship with death is explored. When on the top of the hill, Dourani kicks a tortoise onto its back and leaves it for dead. After he leaves, we see it rock itself back over onto its feet. Later, he helps save another man's life and then brings the doctor who has shown up to help the dying old woman (the crew had been there for over two weeks at this point). The doctor has a lot of dialogue (`We don't want to let go of this life because we know how beautiful this world is. No one has come back from the other side and proved that it is better there.') which comes dangerously close to the kind of third-act speech which ruined, in my opinion, Kiarostami's previous film, A Taste of Cherry. But perhaps I can accept the doctor's message easier because the director has succeeded in demonstrating just how wonderful the world is. The film is absolutely gorgeous, capturing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Much like my very favorite Kiarostami film, Where Is the Friend's Home?, the culture and people of this isolated area is painted by the director's brush. 10/10.

Reviewed by anders-85 10 / 10 / 10

What a wonderful movie

What a wonderful movie. Iranian movies are making way internationally and are also becoming an important political tool. The leading Iranian director is Abbas Kiarostami. I really enjoyed the rhythm of this strange and different movie. This is an art-film at its very best. All set in the wonderful scenery of Kurdistan. The pictures and the poetry is beautiful. The cast is natural, common people. Please buy the DVD and see it! The movie is - unfortunately - sure not to come to a theater near you. The director Abbas Kiarostami says that 50% of a movie is made by associations and in the audience own head. Very different from the American movies where everything usually is served on one plate.

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