The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap

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Frank Hagney as Mike - Carnival Bouncer
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Marjorie Main as Mrs. Strabel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10 / 10

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bullets

Two traveling salesmen (guess who) arrive in the lawless frontier town of Wagon Gap where the outlaw boss Gordon Jones and citizen's committee head William Ching are in a power struggle. Poor inept Costello winds up getting framed for a murder and he and Abbott are both about to be hung when Ching discovers a law in Montana Territory about a man who causes the death of another is responsible for the deceased's debts and family. Costello takes the responsibility. He soon thinks capital punishment even the extralegal kind might be preferable to dealing with Marjorie Main and her squalling band of kids. Think of Costello inheriting the Kettle clan if Pa Kettle had met his demise at Costello's hands and you have some idea what Costello is going through. But quite by accident it's discovered that Costello has carte blanche in Wagon Gap because no one wants to see any harm come to him or else they might inherit Marjorie Main. Costello carries a picture of her and the clan close to his heart and it's more valuable than a Sherman Tank would have been. He has a very funny scene cooling down a town drunk played by Dewey Robinson after he's made sheriff. Marjorie Main with her own brand of rustic humor does not yield the film to Bud and Lou. You might also like the performance of George Cleveland as a judge not unlike Samuel S. Hinds in Destry Rides Again. In fact the whole film has a lot of similarity to Destry and no surprise there since this was originally supposed to be a more serious story that was to have starred James Stewart. When he passed on it, it was rewritten for Abbott and Costello. The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap should appeal to both fans of the Kettle family and those of Bud and Lou. Between them they accounted for a big portion of what counted as profits for Universal Studios.

Reviewed by DKosty123 8 / 10 / 10

Costello does a Sheriff in Drag Arresting The Bad Guys in Stitches

This Abbott & Costello outing is definitely a very much formula Comedy Western done in the late 1940's when all the movies were pretty much formula. Director Charles Barton who worked with the boys more than any other director does pretty well here. Barton never became a household name as a director but anyone who is a fan of the team knows his name was the most frequent one with them. The best thing about this film is Marjorie Main. She is a major addition to a cast which includes Gordon Jones. Marjorie does comedy well including her Ma Kettle films but in this one she plays off and supports A&C just fine. She is the Widow here and as in the case of the Kettles has a big household of young ones. This is very much in her element of comedy. While Abbott & Costello do not get a lot of verbal comedy in this, there is enough of them for their fans. Some of the special effects used we OK then but look dated now. At least there is not a lot of musical interruptions to annoy the viewer in this one. Overall, this one is much better than their worst outings.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10 / 10

One of Abbott and Costello's best...

Aside from ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, this might just be one of Abbott and Costello's best films, though it represents a great departure from their earlier films. The early films followed a clear formula in which Bud and Lou did their comedy (often reprising old Vaudeville bits), there was a romance between two pretty but bland supporting characters and lot and lots of singing--and often in the form of huge and silly production numbers. As a result, the script was rather superficial and the story was driven by these three elements. However, by the time THE WISTFUL WIDOW OF WAGON GAP came along, a newer (and in my opinion, often better) style emerged. Gone (thank goodness) were the songs, the romantic subplot was de-emphasized and Bud and Lou now appeared in character-driven plots--and their old routines were all but gone. Getting rid of the routines was a good idea, as by this film, the team kept repeating themselves--doing many versions of "Who's on First", "7x13=21" and Bud (or someone else) cheating Lou as they count out money. This film is in many ways like combining a traditional Western with an Abbott and Costello comedy and this mix worked quite well. Much of this credit is due to the writing but I think a big part of this also was having Marjorie Main in a big supporting role. She was always a funny bit player in films and here she gets more to do (like she would in her "Ma and Pa Kettle" films). Plus, I appreciate just how game she was--as many of the jokes poked fun at her homely appearance. Poor lady! It all begins with Bud and Lou coming to a Western town. Soon after arriving, Lou is accused of killing a man, though it's obvious to the audience that Lou's shot probably had nothing to do with this. The townspeople want to string him up, but in court he is saved by an obscure law that calls for the surviving person in a shootout to assume the debts and take care of the victim's family! So now, Lou is spared a hanging, but is stuck with Main and seven kids! Main wants marriage--Lou just wants to work to take care of them and just hopes everything works out somehow. Later in the film, the plot takes a funny twist. You see, all the men in town really feel sorry for Lou, as Main and her brood aren't exactly much of a catch. When Lou realizes this is an insurance policy of sorts, he realizes no one will ever try to kill him. So, he volunteers to become sheriff and is almost fearless in his duties--after all, what does he have to lose?! Seeing this change is quite funny as is the entire film. In fact, it's nice that the film actually gets better as it goes and saves some of the best stuff for last. Overall, an excellent film and quite an improvement in the series. The only prior film that seemed to come close to THE WISTFUL WIDOW in quality and fun is WHO DONE IT!--and this, also, because it abandoned the singing and stuck with comedy.

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