The Wonderful World of Disney Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House


Comedy / Crime / Family

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French Stewart as Marv Merchants
Jason Beghe as Peter McCallister
Joanna Going as Phyllis Webber
Missi Pyle as Gail Van Ravensway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ENDING-MAN 1 / 10 / 10

This movie sucks!

I thought this movie was going to be inventive, un-recycled and have new punch lines. Instead, they have to make this movie stupid, campy, and bland. Kevin is a little brat now, just leeching off Natalie and his dad, who separated from his nice mom for a sybaritic, selfish twad. He disrespects the butler, who is an infinitely better actor than the others in this film. And most of all, MARV LOOKS LIKE HARRY FROM THE OTHER 2 FILMS! He even has a stupid hooker wife named Vera. French Stewart does a horrid rendition of Harry and Marv. They don't even do robberies anymore! It's now staged to the more dismal subject of child abduction. It is also accompanied by atrociously bland dialogue, pitiful acting, hilariously bad sound effects, and the picture quality makes it look like it was filmed in the mid-1980's. There is even a shot of the houses at night done with a cheap home camcorder. It's a good thing I spent only 1.00 on a crappy dollar-store tape for this movie! I was seriously disappointed. I've seen some MST3K films and some are way more noble than this crap! Standing out 24 hrs in 10 degrees Fahrenheit is way cooler than watching this movie. -No pun intended

Reviewed by skcollob 1 / 10 / 10


The first 2 Home Alone films were very successful in the early 90s. At this point Macaulay Culkin was one of the most sought after child actors in the business.However his success was short-lived and is now only known for his part in the Michael Jackson trial. The makers must have thought that Home Alone 3 was going to be as big a success. However the makers didn't realise that a new child star and a different formula was not what the viewing public craved .However regardless of this the third installment was a moderate success and actually was't that bad. Then in 2002 some bright spark decided to unleash another sequel onto the unsuspecting public. To make matters worse they decided to use the same character names and as a result Kevin McCallister looks even younger than he was in part 1.Combine this with the fact that he was't even "home alone" once during the whole film and you will see why the film is so bad .Worse still the acting is terrible and the ending so predictable you can guess what is going to happen from the opening scene. Avoid this at all costs as the first 3 (which were by no means flawless) are classics in comparison.

Reviewed by ScottyJBD 1 / 10 / 10

Worse than Home Alone 3

I found myself questioning the making of yet another Home Alone movie, let alone the making of another Home Alone movie that was to be made-for-tv, being skeptical i thought to myself "they must have a pretty decent script if theyre gonna attempt a made-for-tv sequel to what once was a pretty good franchise before it even was a franchise", but wow, this movie was awful, the young-uns might chuckle but the rest of the audience will be chuckling at the filmmakers. Whoever was casting director should be fired, Kevins father was decent, well acted, but Kevin, who is now 9 when he was 10 in Home Alone 2, just isnt Kevin anymore, and who the hell decided to make Buzz around the same age as Kevin??? Marv wasnt too bad, but his character shouldnt have been brought back without Daniel Stern, but i give credit to Mr. Stewart. Throughout the movie i kept asking why this movie was made, and in the beginning i thought i had the answer "What if we take the Home Alone series, and put Kevin in a technologically advanced house and see what he can do to one-half of the original bad guys?" this made me think the movie might actually be worth watching to see what kind of traps Kevin can create this time. Basically, this movie sucks because he creates almost NO traps, there is a minor encounter in the beginning, and thats about it, Kevin ties together 2 or 3 pots, but thats IT, what the hell was this idiot director/writer/producers thinking, and to think that theyre couldnt possibly be a Home Alone movie worse than 3, at least that kid made some cool traps.

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