The Wonderful World of Disney Santa Who?


Comedy / Fantasy

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Erik Knudsen as Jeremy
Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack
Robyn Lively as Jaki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clarinetgeek 5 / 10 / 10

Average Christmas movie

*contains minor spoilers* I stumbled upon this movie while channel-surfing one day so I decided to sit down for 2 hours to watch it. Because of its not-so-original and predictable plot, it's an average Christmas movie. The movie is about a kid named Zack who believes in Santa and his mom's boyfriend, Peter, a TV reporter, who grew up in a dysfunctional family and has now become a grinch. One day, while Santa is flying his sleigh, he encounters some air turbulence and falls several hundred feet from the air, landing on Peter's car. Santa gets amnesia and Peter decides to let him stay at his apartment until Peter can find Santa's family--obviously, he doesn't believe it's really Santa at first while Zack is trying to persuade everyone that the old man is the real deal. By just reading this, you could probably predict how the movie will turn out. Adults may be a little bored with it, but most kids will enjoy it. I enjoyed it--the elves gave me a chuckle now and then--though I probably wouldn't watch this holiday movie again anytime soon. My score: 5/10

Reviewed by srmccarthy 10 / 10 / 10

Cute little movie...

It looks like Disney is starting to understand that animation is not the only entertainment people desire! This is a pretty good little flick! I can not say this movie is outstanding, but it is enjoyable (in fact it is pretty funny).

Reviewed by dataconflossmoor 10 / 10 / 10

Holiday Fun with Stars!!

I enjoyed this film, it is always nice to have a way to just relax and watch a Christmas movie when it is cold outside.. There is a reason a lot of people should have an icon like Santa Claus...The fantasy and mesmerizing aura of a jolly old man who is Mr Benfactor for millions and millions of children is of course the primary reason!! Other reasons however, extend to the adults!! Christmas and Santa Claus perpetuate a spirit of giving and spark a realization of how fortunate we as Americans really are, hence, we should be more like Santa Claus, and act like it is Christmas all the time!!! Steven Eckholdt was fantastic in this movie!! I am glad I watched it and I will watch it again and again...By the way: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!

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