The Wrong Husband



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Judy Geeson as Madame Briggs
Rick Cosnett as Derrick / Alex
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by afterdarkpak 5 / 10 / 10

very loud music....but she enjoyed it...

Its a very low budget Tv movie , the whole movie is shot in house , in a furniture store. the performance is so so. watch this movie if you nothing good to do or just kill time. i watched in fast forward , probably in 30 mins. so many boring n stupid stuff. the loud background sound effects are very annoying. i had to watch the movie in subtitle and lower the volume to understand the movie. and also the ending is kinda very stupid.

Reviewed by sadatshah-81350 4 / 10 / 10

Music too loud

This was a pretty decent TV movie with quite a good plot. Unfortunately many of the parts were ruined by the loud music where I could not even hear what the actors were saying.

Reviewed by peteratskegness 4 / 10 / 10

"That's a God awful accent..."

A line from this film which sums up its major flaw. The evil twin is not an orginal concept, just the manner in which the plot is executed. In this case, not bad and on the whole, well acted albeit but best not to try and scrutinise the storyline too deeply! It's epic fail for me was the awful fake "Mockney" accent - for the stereotypical English villain. Unfortunately nobody living in England has ever had such an accent. It's very distracting and really pointless, ultimately ruining what would have been a watchable film. Probably best viewed with sound muted and subtitles on.

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