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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moritzmeyerautor 8 / 10 / 10

A gripping, visceral movie with great empathy for its characters

Them that follow starts off as quiet movie, almost a social study of a rural, religious community in the US hinterlands. But right from the beginning you can feel, that there is something dark brooding under the soil of this fragile community. And sure enough, the tension breaks at the end into a visceral finale. When the movie almost turns into body horror, you find yourself at the edge of your seat, begging the characters would stop with their gruesome actions. And while you want to look away, you realize that you just can't. This movie already has gone into your veins like the poison of the rattlesnakes, that play such a prominent role in this community drama. Them that follow portraits the coming-of-age of Mara, the pastor's daughter in a religious community, that seems estranged from civilization. Her father and his religious followers practise an equally strange and dangerous version of christian belief. During the service they deal with deadly poisonous snakes, that they collect in the woods. By handling the snakes, the worshippers put their live in God's hands, with the promise that all sins may be forgiven, if you survive the encounter with the reptiles. Mara does not question this behaviour and her own faith, until she becomes engaged with a young man from the village, while secretly loving another. This love triangle leads to unchristian behaviour and, sure enough, the snakes come into play. Mara finds herself into a position, where she must challenge her own belief to save the man she loves. I saw Them that Follow at South-by-Southwest 2019, not knowing anything about this movie. And I have to say, by the end I was fully gripped. The story, which is based on existing snake handler communities, unfolds slowly, but is rip-roaring at the end. The performances from the young actors are very good and you believe in the relationship of the characters. But it is Olivia Colman and Walter Goggins who stand out in the great cast. It is them, who give this people a heart and soul, by portraying as real people, who care deeply about their loved-ones. They are religious fanatics, but they are not insane. Their actions come from, well, good faith and they have the best intentions for the people, who are close to them. That you feel empathy for these characters is credit to the fabolous actors and the good direction of directors and screenwriters Britt Poulton and Dan Madison Savage. Both have personal experiences with fringe religious groups. Them that follow is an indie-surprise. It is heartfelt, gripping and willing to pull some necessary punches to deliver it's story. Worth a watch!

Reviewed by donaldjsavage 4 / 10 / 10

Much more than a thiller. There is love in them thar woods.

Great movie. A "slow burn" as some have called it. But, Dan Madison Savage and Britt Poulton (writer/directors) take their time letting you get to know the characters, the community and the Pentecostal offbeat religion in a non judgmental way, allowing the film to emotionally explode in the final 30 minutes. The audience at the Sundance Film Festival premiere were on the edge of their seats with audible gasps. A standing ovation for a good 10 minutes as the credits rolled and the principals were introduced. The snakes can be scary, but religious snake handler religions are real in rural Appalachia. There is some terror but that is not the main theme. It's a love story, a coming of age story and an insight into a real but generally unknown sect, The cast is amazing. including 2019 BEST ACTRESS Oscar winner Olivia Colman, (Incredible. you won't believe it's her .... as a back woods convenience store owner and community matriarch), Walton Goggins, (perfectly casted fire and brimstone preacher), comedian Jim Gaffigan (seriously serious in this flick. In 3 films at Sundance) and Alice Englert (Amazing performance. I don't want to spoil the scenes she endured, and excelled in). Most critics are positive, but a few failed to think about what they were watching and gave up on it too early. TTF was picked up by Orchard (now 1091 Media) for North America and Sony International worldwide. Hoping to see it in theaters this summer. Definitely should be on your watch list. Recently announced release date June 21. 2019

Reviewed by truemythmedia 4 / 10 / 10

Thin. Very Thin.

This movie trades on its exploration of these snake charming backwoods recluses yet never really grapples with the issues one might think would be present in such a film. Remove the snake handling from this film and it's about as standard a story as you can find with familiar beats of action along the way. Even this wouldn't bother me if there was character movement but there isn't much to speak of. Our protagonist Dilly (Kaitlyn Dever, "Booksmart") seems to feel the same way at the start of the film as she does until the last 5 minutes or so. Her father, (Walton Goggins, "The Hateful Eight") is extremely one note: domineering. What a waste of an actor. As a cult leader we get none of the likability that should go with his character. He is a monolithic controlling man and nothing else. We see Dilly struggle because she wants to be with her beau but never do we see what it is that draws her to want to stay in her community except fear. Where is the trust, love, and friendship that she should be so fond of as to not want to leave? Only the sense that she knows nothing else but this and can't even think about leaving for the disruption it would cause. As a person who has struggled with my faith at various times and has had many conversations with those that have as well and come to very different conclusions than me, I can tell you that leaving a tight knit community like that is rife with fear, certainly, but that fear is mixed up in a myriad of other emotions as well which paralyze you into innaction. We never see this complicated view. Instead this film opts for simple, cut and dry answers which anyone can get behind. Of course we want her to leave. She's being abused. How much more interesting if her situation was more convoluted, full of love for some people, fear of others, and a fear to leave her own faith behind. What about the side characters? Why do they stay? They are all under the same oppression as Dilly. They just don't have a boy from the outside who thinks they are cute, I guess? These ideas and questions all seem to fall by the wayside in service to the almighty point of the film which must be made in the most obvious ways possible lest anyone, least of all Dilly, come away with any other thought than, 'That church was bad. That boyfriend was good."

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