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Reviewed by shroyerw-1 3 / 10 / 10

Good acting, okay story line, but the camera work? I can't even.

The plot and the acting were both adequate, and even very good in places. It had intermittent "Us" vibes here and there which were creepy enough. But what really drags my rating for this down is the camerawork. "There Are Monsters" is what I call "quasi-found footage" - some scenes are supposed to be seen as if through the lens of one of the characters' camera, and for some scenes, it's obvious that no characters are recording it. If it were intended to be a bunch of amateurs, or kids, or anyone else who didn't know what they were doing, the camerawork might be somewhat excusable. But even in the "found" footage, the characters operating the cameras were supposed to be professional cameramen. My ass they were. The movie was so shaky and blurry in so many places, it really took away from the decent work of the actors. No professional cameraman would produce work like that, even on a job they weren't taking all that seriously. As if that weren't bad enough, they continued the horrible camerawork even in scenes that weren't intended to be "found footage". For instance, the main female protagonist entered a bathroom stall at one point. She was completely alone, no other characters were in the booth to film her. It was a steady picture at some points, but a jumbled, chaotic slurry of motion and digital myopia for the most part. There was no excuse for that. The only other thing I didn't like about it was the jump scares, but they didn't have more than maybe 5 of those. I just hate jump scares in their entirety, so that might be more of a "me" thing. Over all, if extremely shaky camerawork doesn't bother you, then I would definitely recommend this for you. Otherwise, I'd give it a pass.

Reviewed by parry_na 5 / 10 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

Looking back, 2013 was a prolific year for horror films. However, not many of them have proved as enjoyable as this low-budget found footage production. Using simple but very effective tactics, this project does its best to convince us that our planet is slowly being taken over by doppelgangers. These beings look like us and do their very best to act like us – but in subtle ways, they get it wrong. I've always been more frightened of the idea of human monsters than the bug-eyed variety, and 'There Are Monsters' plays very well with this idea. A group of sardonic students on a road trip, filming their experiences, are methodically shaken out of their high-spirited reverie by repeated sightings of people acting very oddly. Well, actually not very oddly – just slightly oddly. It is a subtle device, but that and frequent news bulletins of things being 'not quite right' create an effective feeling of growing unease. Director and writer Jay Dahl is a name we should hear more of. His style here is very 'found footage' (lots of shaky cam and a seemingly haphazard knack of catching reactions and fleeting glimpses), and he makes full use of it. There are even a few very effective jump scares. As the relationship between the group becomes more frayed, we are aware that we are in a kind of 'Invasion of the Bodysnatchers' scenario, just without the horticulture. Two elements of this film put me in mind of other things. The briefly seen 'twins' reminded me a little of the mighty Castel twins in a number of fantastique films directed by Jean Rollin (especially 1975's 'Lèvres de Sang/Lips of Blood'). Secondly, some of the effects used reminded me of the terrifying Aphex Twin's music video for 1997's 'Come to Daddy'. Original, unnerving, and highly enjoyable.

Reviewed by ellen-30048 5 / 10 / 10

Good Movie, Could have been great

Really enjoyed the storyline, shame none of the potential movie makers in the film could actually focus on anything. Felt quite seasick at times and got bored watching a black screen. I get that they were trying to be realistic but I can film from a car window and still focus. Having said that, I did enjoy it

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