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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mstomaso 5 / 10 / 10

Possessed by aliens - better than average quirky Brit 60s sci-fi

Robert Hutton plays an American scientist working on a SETI project in the U. K. with a small team of assistants. He is called out to investigate the arrival of several 'meteors' which apparently hit the earth in formation. Hutton can not go, however, because he is recovering from brain surgery associated with a car accident. Soon enough, we discover that the alien vehicles house energy beings of great age who are, of course, able to possess any human they contact - except Hutton - who is protected by the silver plate in his head. Like most 60s films of the sci fi genre, this has a fair number of logical discontinuities and other minor blemishes, and is far from a classic. However, I found it entertaining and, occasionally, thoughtful. The cinematography, script and acting are all standard, but not above average, and the pace of the film is mostly OK. The two major problems with this film are the repetitive and sometimes redundant innumerable attempts to infiltrate the alien base of operations by Hunter's character and the interesting, but irritatingly over-used minimalist-dissonant modern jazz soundtrack. What I liked about this film is the way it plays with identity and ethics. There are times, before you learn the true motive of the aliens, that you feel sympathetic to them, regardless of their vicarious enslavement of human beings, and there are several hints dropped throughout the film concerning what is actually going on, but not so many that you will find the film predictable. Unlike similarly themed films (BodySnatchers etc), They Came From Beyond Space relies less on action, shock, and terror, and more on cleverness. Unfortunately, the film does not realize its potential in terms of thoughtfulness - since it never really opens up the issues it raises concerning enslavement, vicarious existence, sacrifice to the greater good and identity. To its credit though, the film does end on a satisfyingly smart note. If you're a sci fi fan, you will likely enjoy this film, but I should note that you should expect little in the way of truly original material from it.

Reviewed by Travis_Moran 6 / 10 / 10

Playing a little "title tag" here.

"It Came From Outer/Beyond Space" Could this be the Brits' version of a pretty cool old movie? Hmmmm. Similar story but nowhere near the level of "...Outer Space". Now "...Beyond Space" isn't really that bad. I got a kick out of it. It reminded me a bit of the Quatermass movies with set styles along the lines of Dr. Who. It's a little disjointed from time to time, but the story was decent with plausible details and kept me interested. And generally the acting wasn't all that bad either. There is a little too much "spying" going on however. Every other scene has our hero peeping thru the bushes, following baddies, sneaking in and out of places, etc. Avengers style. Unfortunately, the ending was a little goofy too. The effects weren't good, but certainly not as hokey as some I've seen. The rocketship actually looked like one, and the lift device was realistic too (except for the yellow & black striped paint job). Sets were fair (especially for low budget) and had little extra touches (like the automated robot rolling around). I bet the actors tripped more than once on that railroad track thing tho. Had there been more money and time available, I think this could have been changed from "mediocre" to "brilliant." It seems the talent, plot, and expertise were there just waiting to be brought out. For a sci-fi fan this should fulfill one of those "night owl" sessions when you just don't want to go to bed. Definitely not an addition to my coaster collection.

Reviewed by AshenGrey 6 / 10 / 10

Nice film, except for the fight music

Considering that this film was obviously shot on a tight budget, it worked out to be an enjoyable film nonetheless. I haven't seen many Hutton films, but I like his Style of thinking, cerebral hero who reasons first, shoots later. This film must have been very inspirational to Stephen King, as the plot of his book "The Tommyknockers" was nearly identical to the plot of this movie - right down to the hero with a metal plate in his head. Of course, the only real down side to this film is the fight music. All it consists of is Someone pounding on a snare drum. they could have done better here. All in all, it's an enjoyable film of it's era, and one I Will probably watch again.

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