Third Man Out


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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August 26, 2020



April Telek as Sarah
Moneca Delain as Robyn
Sean Young as Martha McCarthy
Sebastian Spence as Kyle Ferguson

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Reviewed by jlbrown7 10 / 10 / 10

Masterful gay detective movie with a good ending

I'm used to seeing under-achieving gay movies, with laughable acting, unbelievable writing and downright bad directing. But not "Third Man Out"! The plot is excellent. The actors are believable - and really good. The directing is second to none. The only disappointment is that too many gay stereotypes were used - not stereotypes imposed on gays but stereotypes created by gays. That is, evil cigar-smoking Republicans hiding their hypocritical deeds, and evil church officials ruining the lives of others. But, the movie was so good, I can forgive the writer for injecting his own bias. Good job overall! I also get tired of seeing gay lovers always fighting. For once it was refreshing to see two characters really love each other - portraying what we all seek. In addition to that, the two characters really had different lives and different tastes, yet they made the relationship work. It was a good match. Thank you and congratulations to Chad Alan, Sebastian Spence, Ron Oliver, and Mark Saltzman.

Reviewed by afhick 9 / 10 / 10

The Third Man Meets Beautiful Thing

This is one of the most satisfying "gay" films I've seen since "Beautiful Thing," and one of the best mystery-married pairings since John and Sherlock, or should I say Nick and Nora. It's the story of Donald Strachey, tough guy P.I. with a shady past and a sweet tooth for guy pal Sebastian Spence. It's a good story, not a great one, with a sultry jazz score and topical references to such controversial subjects as celebrity outing and pedophiliac priests. What makes it work is the unconventional casting of Chad Allen (who is gay himself, but doesn't look it--although one character dubs him "Nancy-boy Drew") as Strachey, who just happens to be very happily married to Timothy (played by Sebastian Spence, who is apparently straight, and maybe that's why his character overdoes the nelly a bit). Allen, as Strachey, is developing very nicely as an actor, and he's more interesting looking now than he ever was as a child. In "Third Man Out," he gets solid support from QAF's Jack Wetherall and Sean Young. Apparently, this is the first in a series, based on the novels by Richard Stevenson and set, contrarily, in Albany, rather than in New York City or San Francisco. Hopefully, it will prove popular enough with its intended audience that other books in the series will also be filmed. Apart from the rather pedestrian direction (by Ron Oliver) and a couple of too obvious twists in the plot, "Third Man" is entertaining throughout.

Reviewed by Lechuguilla 9 / 10 / 10

Martinis By Moonlight

Chad Allen is perfectly cast as Donald Strachey, a slightly haggard and totally "out" gay PI who lives with his Brooks Brothers hubby, Timmy (played by Sebastian Spence). Set in Albany, New York, of all places, Strachey investigates the attempted murder of gay activist John Rutka (Jack Wetherall), who has made enemies by "outing" still-in-the-closet VIPs. The film's final ten minutes transform what had been a mildly interesting story into a blockbuster whodunit that even Agatha Christie would be proud of. It's been quite some time since I have watched a film wherein the plot twists were so startling and stunning. The film's writers give you the clues you need to solve the puzzle. But those clues are so subtle that the probability that you will latch onto them is slightly greater than zero. It's worth every bit of the viewers' time to endure a tangled, serpentine plot, and some minor plot holes, one of which could have been corrected by the use of a different camera angle. The somewhat muddled plot conceals a substantial theme. But again, that theme does not appear until the final ten minutes. This is the kind of film you have to stay with, to appreciate its significance. Apart from the great story, "Third Man Out" exudes a classy, cosmo-chic style, reminiscent of 1940's crime noir, by way of the sultry jazz sounds of "In Heat, In Love" and "Martinis By Moonlight". At appropriate intervals, shadowy induced suspense punctuates the trendy atmosphere, consistent with what viewers would expect, for a whodunit. The film's cinematography, especially the lighting, is excellent. Production design and costumes (love those black suede jackets) render high quality visuals. Overall, acting is adequate. And some of the dialogue sparkles: "You know, I'm starting to wonder if maybe life isn't always so black and white, in Kansas maybe, but not here in Emerald City". Despite a slightly tangled plot, "Third Man Out" is a terrific film that can be enjoyed by viewers, gay or straight, who revel in stylistic murder mysteries.

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