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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by is1973 4 / 10 / 10

This is everything but a documentary!

It's a wild mixture of old and real snippets that were filmed in the earlier 1980's and new material. For the new material that shows the group in the later 80's they worked with actors. Also in the scenes that claim to show the group in 2011 some of the people are real while others are actors. All that is never explained. Everything that's supposed to show the 80's has the same grainy look. Also the end credits give no clue. They simply list all people involved in front of the camera in alphabetic order. You can not see who is real and who's an actor. Also the character of "Panik" is fiction. I was born in 1973 and grew up in East-Berlin exactly during this era. I also know one of the actors. So when I saw him speaking of himself I knew that he was not telling his own story. Whose story it is I don't know. It might be pure invention as well. I also noticed several mistakes in the additional footage they filmed. What I know for sure is that there were skaters at the Berlin Alexanderplatz in the 80s. Everything else? Could be real – or fake. The problem I see is the way the director and producer handled the project. It took some hard questioning at the press conference at the Berlinale before the director was forced to admit, that parts of the movie are not real. Before he had claimed several times in interviews that it's a documentary. A German magazine (Der Spiegel) had asked the producer for more information about the authenticity of the material. He flatly refused to answer and more or less said that it doesn't matter if something is real or not. I think the audience gets an entirely wrong impression if this movie is called a documentary. It's a feature film – nothing else.

Reviewed by barbicane3333 1 / 10 / 10

A wonderful documentary about skateboarding and the East German political system

I saw this film last night at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. As a passionate fan of anything related to Germany, I figured I'd enjoy it, and I did. The film revolves around a group of old friends who have gathered to reminisce about one who recently died. The deceased was the central and most popular figure in East Germany's emerging skate culture in the 1980s. The film's story is told by the friends in personal interviews and with period film clips. Some of the clips are grainy or out of focus, which is understandable, given the time period and the difficulty of obtaining good quality cameras and film in East Germany. Rather than distracting, these clips give the film its authenticity. Life in East Germany was hard, as the friends make clear. Having never lived there, it's difficult to imagine the restrictions (e.g., skateboarding was considered an anti-Socialist activity) they constantly had to deal with. The story is told with a mixture of humor and sadness, and it was thoroughly enjoyable throughout. It is a remarkable piece of filmmaking, never less than engrossing. The closeness and camaraderie evident among the friends will almost make viewers feel they are part of the story. My spirits rose and fell with them as the details emerged. The film's most important fact is not revealed until a few minutes before the end. The film is also accompanied by an excellent soundtrack featuring a wide range of genres from techno pop to speed metal. Each tune is appropriately matched to the action in the film. Stay through the closing credits, because the song director Marten Persiel chose to play over them is a perfect summation of what you have just seen. Don't be surprised if you get misty. If this movie comes to a local theater, I will see it again, and I will definitely buy the DVD when it's released.

Reviewed by fritzbrause 1 / 10 / 10


I am sorry, but upon seeing this I had the suspicion it couldn't be quite accurate and by later finding out it probably is a complete fabrication, scripted and acted out, I was feeling played with and lied to. Who likes that? I would think not a great deal of people. A simple information at the beginning that the story and the material are mostly fictitious would have prepared the viewer that he was watching something of an idealized, wanna be past, that did not happen as presented at all. I hope those filmmakers will not continue in making "documentaries" but use their imagination more accordingly in different settings. Better luck next time. For a mockumentary it just isn't funny or interesting enough.

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