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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackkern-862-993699 1 / 10 / 10

Put my Conservative Cutlery away when I realized 'it's a Comedy'

Yes, a Comedy that was not funny, not funny at all. However, I feel compelled to Tweet the GOP and President Trump and ask them to cut a Campaign-Ad Check to the writers & directors in Canada, They Earned It! Moving on to the acting, directing and cinematography was Un-Watchable!

Reviewed by turfking 9 / 10 / 10

Only Sociopath Democrats would write this and say "exactly how you'd picture it"

America is GREAT! Under Democrat Rule, notr so uch/. Tyrant? You mean Obama who Spied on EVERYONE in America illegally and Trump's Campaign too. Democrats are either all stupid as hell or theyknow how corrupt tyhey are and they don't care because I jave NEVER SEEN ANYTHING like the LIES that Democrats have made up the past 4 years and the funny part is, EVERYTHING the Democrats try to Blame Republicans for, THEY ARE CORRUPTLY DOING THEMSELVES! All you need to know is the Media is PROPAGANDISTS 100%. The Bidens committed FRAUD on the country and Joe SDMITTED to his own Quid Pro Quoin an INTERVIEW! The Man should be in PRIOSN but that's Democrats for ya! LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and Make things up about your Enemy and have the Propagandists play it as truth! All you need to know? Is Democrats had Trump's Lawyer and STILL COULDN'T TAKE TRUMP DOWN! Democrats are CRIMINALS and is why they want Criminals to be able to vote for them becayse Crimnals are DEMOCRATS!

Reviewed by davejam-49821 9 / 10 / 10

the truth about trump.

Very good . a timely film about what may well happen if trump is voted back in.good acting . a film to make you think .

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