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Kiowa Gordon as Lysol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10 / 10

Next Time Aim Straighter

The film centers on Annie Bird (Tanaya Beatty) who leaves the small community of Moosonea, Ontario to search for her missing twin sister Susanne, last seen in Toronto. She lives with her mom (Tina Keeper) and Uncle Will (Brandon Oakes). Susanne left with Gus, her drug dealing boyfriend from a bad family. They are pressuring Will to tell them where Susanne is, so they can find Gus. Both are missing. Will has no clue. Annie discovers there are a number of Cree or Native American girls missing in Toronto. She investigates on her own being able to model like her sister to make some money. There was nothing actually wrong with the drama. I liked the acting. Annie Bird was a bit flighty at times in a slow paced film. The real issue is after watching the feature for nearly two hours, there is no real closure. Guide" F-word. Implied sex. Brief nudity.

Reviewed by davidbyck-65237 7 / 10 / 10

A worthwhile watch

Thoroughly enjoyed the book and the movie did it justice. Pretty much love anything by Don Mckellar so...

Reviewed by kluseba 7 / 10 / 10

A gritty tale based upon cold realism

Through Black Spruce is a sinister drama shot in northern Ontario in and around Moosonee and in and around Canada's biggest city Toronto. The movie presents two story lines that are closely connected. After a young Cree model disappeared with her criminal lover in Toronto, gang members who want money from them put pressure on her resilient uncle in remote but beautiful Moosonee as they believe he might know more about their mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, the model's twin sister travels to Toronto to find out what really happened and soon realizes that the vanished couple had a volatile relationship and got into trouble with criminals. Based upon an award-winning novel, the most fascinating thing about Through Black Spruce is that the story is particularly realistic and honest. Many First Nations women get involved into drug trafficking and prostitution and end up getting caught in a vicious circle of addiction, isolation and violence. This movie shows one such case and portrays the desperate situation with bleak atmosphere, slow precision and cold realism. The locations meandering between the small town of Moosonee which only connects to the rest of the province via the railway and the gigantic city of Toronto where people with numerous backgrounds meet are facsinating to watch. The acting performances by lead actor Brandon Oakes and lead actress Tanaya Beatty are excellent as they rely more on body language and facial expressions than lengthy dialogues and extravagant clothing or make-up. The award-winning soundtrack underlines the movie's sinister atmosphere perfectly. The movie might have got several negative reviews because of its slow pace but this approach actually adds to the increasingly frightening atmosphere. Some reviewers criticized the story in general and the film's ending in particular but both focus on realism rather than satisfaction and blend in very well with the rest of the movie. There are some gloomy action scenes here and there to spice things up but they are fittingly integrated. If you are expecting a fast-paced movie with a twisted plot and vivid special effects, then this movie simply isn't for you. The unique style of this crime drama however makes it a memorable experience and should particularly please those interested in First Nations cultures.

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